Kils: compassionate city of hope and peace

Kils: compassionate city of hope and peace

A nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, the southern city of Kilis has hosted more Syrians than its own population. Now, a short film about the city has been released promoting the peaceful and embracing nature of the city

Millions of Syrians were forced to flee their homes over the last five years because of the civil war in their country. Turkey opened its doors to 2.5 million Syrian refugees with a campaign launched by the government. As Turkey has set an example for the world with its devoted hospitality, the southern city of Kilis has won the whole world's approval due to its boundless humanitarian effort. Situated next to the Syrian border with its population of 90,000, Kilis has embraced nearly 130,000 Syrians. The people of Kilis have sacrificed their own interests as much as possible to make Syrians feel at home. The city, where two peoples live in peace without significant public order problems, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. A film, "Mother City," was shot by the Municipality of Kilis with contributions from the Promotion Fund of The Turkish Prime Ministry to release the epitome of sensibility and sacrifice to Turkey and world public opinion.

While the civil war that has spread to all of Syria quickly forced millions of Syrians to flee their homes, Turkey was the first country to receive them with open arms. After local authorities embraced the government's humanitarian efforts with the same sensibility, around 2.5 million Syrians, most of them elderly, women and children, have had an opportunity to live under healthier conditions. Over the last five years, the Turkish government, the Governorship of Kilis and the Municipality of Kilis have had considerable success in infrastructure services and social policies in the face of an increasing population, enabling Syrians to adapt to the city and life in a short time.

A city welcoming refugees with compassionHaving proven that it is possible to bind wounds caused by civil war with the help of love and compassion, Kilis is now sharing this with the world. Welcoming more Syrians than its own population with motherly affection, "Mother City" shares what is behind Turkey's conscientious migrant policy with the world. The film illustrates the pain of Syrians via a little Syrian girl who lost her mother after the bombings in Aleppo. After this incident, the little girl comes to Kilis with a group of people and likens a woman from Kilis to her mother. Even though she feels disappointed after she realizes that the woman is not her mother, this woman embraces her like her real mother, as Kilis embraces Syrians with the same compassion.

Kilis Mayor Hasan Kara said Turkey's migrant policies have been criticized by the opposition. "There were even claims in world media that members of terrorist organizations have crossed the Turkish border. However, the border city of Kilis has seen this dramatic reality with all its grief, as it has been the center of this migration movement. Turkey's migrant policy is completely based on conscience and compassion," Kara said.

"Kilis not only took more refugees in than its own population, but they have also been living in peace with Syrians for five years despite rockets being fired from Syria with the aim of provocation. The people of Kilis welcomed these guests with motherly affection and earned the title of "Mother City." Our film reveals this reality with all its sincerity and shares it with Turkey and the world," Kara added.

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