Balkan immigrants to meet at Sirkeci train station

Balkan immigrants to meet at Sirkeci train station

Balkan immigrants will meet at Sirkeci Train Station, where they first stepped foot on Turkish soil, on Oct. 2 in order to commemorate their past and convey their hopes for the future. During the Balkan immigration, which lasted for a century between 1912 and 2012, the Balkan immigrants who settled in Turkey will come together at Sirkeci Train Station for "Bir Kofer, Bir Sandık" (A Suitcase and A Coffer) under the leadership of the Kosova Prizrenliler Association (Association of Kosovars from Prizren). The event has been organized by the association since 2008 and it will include sketches depicting the immigration, Balkan folk dances, local food and delicacies, local clothing and more. The representative train, which will arrive in Sirkeci Train Station, will create and present the ambiance of the immigration to the participants. At the event, authors including Arif Şentürk, Faruk Yılmaz, İmran Salkan, Rüstem Avcı, Soner Özbilen and Tibet Ağırtan will be present. Also, Ramis Çınar, Ali Işıkgör, Dilek Ünal, İsmail Savaş, Zerrin Dağcı and Salim Nizam will sign their books on stories in the Balkans. The president of the association, Gülek Aksu Türker, notes that the migration was a very painful experience, one of the most painful experiences that societies can face and that we all need to learn lessons from these events in order to convey the events and the experiences to future generations. "We will therefore try to depict this facet of the migration at our event and try to make our children aware, which I believe is a duty we must assume. All migrants from the Balkans are invited to our event," Türker declared. The event is organized with the contribution of the Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities, Turkish State Railways, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the municipalities of Bayrampaşa, Beykoz, Eyüp and Fatih and Tek Rumeli.

When: Oct. 2

Where: Sirkeci Train Station

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