New exhibition to feature Ottoman Sultans' traces in art


Organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) Culture Inc. in collaboration with Culture and Tourism Ministry and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, the "Sultanların Sanata Yansıyan İzleri" (Traces of Sultans Reflected on Art) exhibition will be held at Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum from Sept. 22 to Oct.5. The exhibition will feature works such as sultans' tughras by masters of traditional art including Professor Faruk Taşkale, Associate Professors Sacid Açıkgözoğlu, Münevver Üçer, Hüseyin Gündüz and Kaya Üçer, research assistants Atilla Y. Turgut and Hüsna Kılıç and academics Emel B. Gemici, Murat Uçar, Reyhan İsen and Esin Kazazoğlu with inspiration from works by 11 Ottoman sultans with divans (poetry). For art lovers, a special catalog includes information, portraits and poems of sultans who published divans in the Ottoman period, were interested in calligraphy, studied illuminated manuscripts and supported artists.

When: Sept. 22 to Oct. 5

Where: Turkish and

Islamic Arts Museum

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