A new trend of magnetic field tourism

BATUHAN TAKIŞ @Batuhantakis
A new trend of magnetic field tourism

Magnetic field tourism is a new option for those who need a break from modern megacities and for those looking for something new in their lives

In the 21st century, people have experience the world's most unhealthy era, for various reasons. While the effects of our unhealthy environment can be seen in every aspect of daily life, the tourism industry is getting its own share, too. A new type of tourism is emerging, known as magnetic field tourism, which promises people to live healthier lifestyles and gives us a glimpse into the future.

Today, if you ask anyone walking on the streets of the mega cities if they are happy in their daily lives; inhaling air in megacities with poor ozone levels and carbon monoxide devoid of daily exercise routines and full of fast food, their answers would probably be: "No." It's safe to say that the main topic dominating discussions among people in our modern age is the health issue - one needs only to surf TV channels to see the increasing number of diet and wellness programs that are growing in popularity. Nevertheless, when the holiday season comes, the majority of people choose a location for its beauty of sun, sea and hotels but not for its comfort in terms of health, which in fact, they need most.

The magnetic field is the root cause of many illnesses that modern people suffer from. The increasing rate of these illnesses damages our DNA cells as well as our organs. Simply put, the higher the rate of magnetic field a location gets, the less chance people have to maintain a healthy life. The magnetic field is something not only caused by developing technology but by the world's changing ecological system as well. The Earth produces its own magnetic field to shield its atmosphere from solar winds.

There have always been debates, panel sessions and forums on whether or not technology is beneficial for human health. However, the effects of the magnetic field on human health are not clichés but scientific facts that rear an ugly head in real life. Among all the high-tech devices that surround us throughout the day, phone charges, electric motors and magnetic tools are the ones that increases the magnetic rate of a location the most. Yet, ironically, we still look for the fastest chargers for our brand-new smart phones. People may sometimes miss the point of what is really necessary for them.

Magnetic field tourism provides people a magnetic field map, providing the magnetic rate of a location, which people can use to decide where to go on holiday. In the future, when studies on magnetic rate maps are well developed, this new type of tourism field will re-shape the sector and most probably will be one of the most important tourism types around the world.

According to Ertuğrul Şahin, a 58-year-old tourism researcher who was the first to speak out about the magnetic field tourism in Turkey in his writings released on social media, emphasizes that people should learn the magnetic field rate not only before going on holiday but also when choosing where to live. He says that the magnetic field damages people's organs, affecting full body balance. He claims that in the future, not only tourism but also the real estate sector will be designed according to the magnetic field maps. People will want to learn the magnetic field rate of their new homes from the real estate agents before renting or buying them, says Şahin.

In Turkey, provinces of the Black Sea region can be described as the best places free of heavy magnetic field. Particularly,

the eastern towns of the regions such as Artvin, Rize and Trabzon have the lowest magnetic rate among not only Turkey's cities, but also other towns around the world. These cities, which are also known for their beauty with green forests, high altitudes and fresh air, have drawn a lot of attention from foreigners and local campers, nature lovers and climbers for years; all without knowledge of their low magnetism rates.

When we consider the fact that the world is rapidly becoming an unhealthy place that damages our lives day by day, it is not difficult to estimate that magnetic field tourism will be the focus of interest in people's choice of a place to go on holiday. Instead of looking for luxury at hotels, people will look for something more such as getting away from the heavy magnetic field that surrounds us every day.

There is no such thing as a tourism company in the world that provides its customers with this service - yet - and there is not developed scientific research about the magnetic field map. When people discover the importance of choosing a place to go on holiday according to the rate of magnetic field, this new type of tourism will surely become more popular. One day, hopefully, magnetic field maps will be broadcast and reported on daily like our daily weather forecasts on local news channels.

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