Liquid Petroleum Gas market value is $7.5 billion says Energy Minister Taner Yıldız


ANKARA — Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), with a market volume of 3.8 million tons and a worth of $7.5 billion, is one of the most important alternative sources of energy for Turkey, said Yildiz during a press conference before a meeting with the LPG sector representatives in Ankara to focus on possible growth strategies and issues on LPG.

The Turkish LPG sector employs 150,000 thousand people and sells 2.7 million tons of auto-LPG for more than 10 million car users that run LPG as an alternative fuel to oil.

Around 7.5 million households use 1.1 million tons of LPG as their main energy source since no Liquified natural gas (LNG) infrastructure is available for them.

LPG has a global market volume of 269 million tons, of which 47 per cent are used by households. The EU aims to reduce levels of carbon emissions by 2020 and urges the use of LPG which has considerable lower levels of carbon emissions.