Floods hit Black Sea provinces, locals stranded


The Black Sea region in the north of Turkey welcomed autumn with dire floods on Tuesday and the day before. Sudden downpours, which engulfed the country over the past two days, particularly affected the northern region, whose climate is prone to heavy rains.

In the province of Zonguldak, downtown businesses were among those most affected by heavy rain that inundated shops in a shopping district late Tuesday. Daily life was paralyzed in the province's busiest streets, where clogged drains aggravated the inundation.

On Wednesday, floods struck Giresun and Trabzon, two other provinces in the region. Heavy rain that lasted around two hours particularly affected Giresun's Eynesil district, where three bridges were destroyed. Authorities said although no casualties were reported, there was however serious damage to buildings in the region, and roads to villages were closed due to landslides. Rescue and emergency crews were deployed to Eynesil.

In Beşikdüzü, a district of Trabzon, water levels in streams that rose with the heavy rains triggered floods that inundated many businesses and residences.

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