Kerry demands no-fly zone over Syria to allow humanitarian aid

Reuters Photo

US Secretary of State John Kerry demanded on Wednesday that all aircraft, including Russian and Assad regime forces, be grounded so that humanitarian aid can get through.

Addressing the UN Security Council, including his Russian opposite number Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Kerry said efforts to broker a solution could be salvaged but only if Moscow takes responsibility for recent air strikes.

Kerry said that the recent attack on the UN aid convoy raise "profound doubt" over whether Russia and Syria would live up to the deal made in Geneva, but he still believed there was a way forward "out of the carnage".

He later called for a ban on Syrian government forces flying over areas controlled by the opposition, adding that all aircraft must be grounded while the situation is deescalated.

Turkey has been asking the U.N. to establish safe zones in Syria since 2012, but could not find the necessary international support. The bombardment of opposition areas by the regime and Moscow have continued, which have caused tens of thousands of people to die and many others to flee, while the U.S. continued to not support the idea of a no-fly zone.

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