Investigations reveal fugitive FETÖ figure presented himself as ‘God's guests' to elderly couple

Investigations reveal fugitive FETÖ figure presented himself as ‘God's guests' to elderly couple

As the comprehensive search for one of the masterminds of the Gülenist-led failed coup attempt Adil Öksüz continues, recent findings by Turkish security units have revealed that the fugitive Gülenist orchestrated the July 15 coup attempt from the home of an elderly couple suffering from Alzheimer's disease where the Gülenists presented themselves as "God's guests."

The Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) is known for utilizing religion as a tool in its schemes and its U.S.-based leader Fethullah Gülen presents himself to his followers as a friend of God. Thus, by manipulating religion as a tool, on the night of the vicious coup attempt Öksüz used this deceptive maneuver to make his way into the couple's home and ultimately manage the entire coup attempt from inside the couple's home where acetated maps and notebooks - along with a significant amount of money - were seized by Turkish officials.

The home of the 80-year old elderly couple who suffer from Alzheimer's disease was chosen as the headquarters by FETÖ members and camera footage of the members of the group along with fugitive coup leader Öksüz shows them entering the house. The footage was obtained from the security cameras of a nearby business office.

According to testimony obtained by security units, Öksüz stayed alone in one of the rooms of the house on the entire night of the coup and orchestrated it from the room.

Following President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's call to citizens to take to the streets, Öksüz left the house and headed to the Akıncı Air Base where he ordered pilots to bombard the compound of Turkey's national satellite company, TURKSAT in Ankara's Gölbaşı district.

A raid on the home of the elderly couple led to the discovery of the acetated map used by Öksüz along with a notebook including specific coordinates. Due to the couple's medical condition they were unable to provide further details to security officials; however, the reports obtained by officials stated, "Members of the organization [the Gülenist Terror Group] brought Adil Öksüz to us, and said he was stranded on the road at night. They said he is an instructor at a university, he should stay here as God's guest."

The findings from the Ankara Chief Prosecutor's Office further revealed that Öksüz was taken to the Kazan district's Akıncı Air Base, which was used by Gülenist coup plotters on the night of July 15.

Prosecutor's report shows Gülenist gendarmeries disposed of files related with Öksüz

The reports received from the prosecutor's offices also indicated that Öksüz was detained by the Kazan Akıncılar gendarmerie initially where files and evidences on the criminal had completely "vanished" by the time he arrived in court for his hearing which ultimately led to his release due to lack of evidence.

The initial report on Öksüz stated that a GPS device along with a leather suitcase with TL 11,450 ($3,600) were found along with two mobile phones. However, the second official report on Öksüz claimed that the GPS device was not seized from him and claimed instead that he flushed it down the toilet.

According to Cumhuriyet daily's report, the second report did also not include Öksüz escaping from Akıncı air base or him being anywhere near the air base. Turkish daily's sources from the prosecutor's office claimed that there is no negligence by the Kazan , claiming that it was rather an intentional situation where they indicated evidence on Öksüz were seized from prosecutors.

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