Turkish military hits 105 Daesh targets, destroys terrorist positions in northern Syria

AA Photo

The Turkish military fired 416 shells against 105 Daesh terrorist targets and air strikes destroyed three terrorist positions belonging to Daesh in northern Syria, sources said on Friday.

According to military sources, a total of 1,182 Daesh targets have been shelled since the start of Operation Euphrates Shield on August 24.

Fighter jets hit three Daesh targets between 2:42 and 3:32 PM and destroyed three buildings used as a command post and ammunition depot by the terrorists.

The military also removed 26 mines and 968 hand grenades in regions cleared from the terrorists.

Meanwhile, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) backed by the Turkish military has successfully retaken four districts from Daesh terrorists, sources said.

Five Special Duty Force Groups consisting of opposition forces continue to fight against Daesh terrorists, the sources added.

Turkey launched Operation Euphrates Shield in cooperation with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on Aug. 24 to clear its southern border of Daesh terrorists and liberate northern Syrian towns from the terrorist group. In less than a day, the FSA, backed by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) liberated Jarablus and continued marching from the east and the west.

On Sept. 4, the FSA secured Turkey's entire border with northern Syria from Daesh. Since then, the opposition army has been advancing toward the south. According to the FSA, the operation will continue with the aim of capturing the strategic town of al-Bab in the south.

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