Over 20,000 Kenyans homeless after houses destroyed for road construction

Published 23.07.2018 00:00
Updated 23.07.2018 23:33
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AA File Photo

Over 20,000 people living in Kenya's Kibera slums -- one of the biggest in Africa -- were left in the cold on Monday after the government demolished houses to make way for the construction of a $19 million road.

A children's center and a primary school were not spared by the demolition teams in the middle of July, winter in the East African country.

Police officers provided security to government bulldozers as they destroyed houses, including Mary Maina's grocery store.

"They had given us a notice two days ago, but where would we go?" she asked.

Amnesty International condemned the demolitions, saying in a statement: "The goal of adequate and dignified housing cannot be met by stripping the 30,000 inhabitants of the only housing, shops, clinics and schools they have.

"Demolition prior to the completion of the Resettlement Action Plan betrays the public trust and violates our laws. These forced must be halted".

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