CIA adds Turkey's failed coup attempt to its World Factbook

Published 14.08.2016 10:10
Updated 14.08.2016 11:24

The US based Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) added the July 15 failed coup attempt in Turkey to the World Factbook on its website.

The website said that 'elements of the Turkish Armed forces' attempted a coup at key government and infrastructure locations in Ankara and Istanbul.

It also marked that 300 people were killed and over 2,000 injured and that Turkish citizens took to the streets to confront the coup.

The CIA described the Gülenist terror cult, whose leader Fethullah Gülen is wanted by Turkey as the prime suspect in the putsch attempt, as a 'social and religious movement'.

Gülen is among Turkey's most wanted, with the country exerting a tremendous effort to obtain an international arrest warrant for him.

He has been living in self-imposed exile in the U.S. since 1999 in a compound owned by his movement in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania.

Ankara is seeking to secure his extradition from the U.S and has officially submitted the documents for extradition, while Turkish prosecutors have submitted letters requesting his arrest by U.S. authorities.

Gülenists run a vast network of schools around the globe, but are primarily invested in charter schools in the U.S., which receive government funding but operate independently from the public school system.

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