Footage of US officers in Tennessee torturing inmate with taser revealed

Published 01.08.2017 01:52
Updated 01.08.2017 09:50

Footage showing three U.S. police officers in Tennessee torturing an inmate was revealed Monday, sparking nationwide outrage.

In the video, the three Cheatham County Sheriff's deputies are seen applying taser on 18-year-old Jordan Elias Norris without stopping.

One of the officers tells Norris, tied to a chair, "I'll keep doing that until I run out of batteries" while another tells him to "stop resisting."

The U.S. officers were later placed on administrative leave, media sources reported. The teenager, who suffered more than 40 taser burns, also filed a lawsuit.

The lawsuit underlined that the Tennessee deputies "intended to cause pain," and the officer who applied taser was acting "in a sadistic and malicious nature."

Norris is still suffering from "seizures, nerve problems in his hands, mental anguish, panic attacks, memory problems and back pain," the lawsuit elaborated.

Upon hearing of the lawsuit, the officers claimed that Norris was suffering a mental health episode, during which he started to bang his head against the walls, leaving the officer no choice but placing him in a restraint chair "for his own safety."

Norris was arrested in late 2016 for possession of marijuana for resale, theft under 500 dollars and possession of a prohibited weapon.

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