Golden Orange Film Festival awards

Published 13.10.2012 19:22
Updated 13.10.2012 19:23

The 49th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival came to a close yesterday with an awards ceremony.

One of the outstanding favorites in the National Competition was "Güzelliğin On Par' Etmez" (Your Beauty is Worth Nothing), directed by Hüseyin Tabak, a student of acclaimed Austrian director Michael Haneke, which was selected Best Film.

"Güzelliğin On Par' Etmez" took away a total of six awards for categories Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Film Editing and the Behlül Jury Award. The film tells the story of a Turkish family's immigration to Austria from the eyes of a child and through a famous song by Aşık Veysel of the same name. "Zerre" was also a favorite and walked away with four awards.
The following is a list of the main awards in the 2012 national competition:


Best Film: Güzelliğin On Par' Etmez
Special Jury Award: Toprağın Çocukları
Best First Film: Zerre
Best Director: Erdem Tepegöz, Zerre
Best Screenplay: Hüseyin Tabak, Güzelliğin On Par' Etmez
Best Cinematographer: Florent Herry, Pazarları Hiç Sevmem
Best Music: Tamer Çıray, Elveda Katya
Best Actress: Anna Andrusenko, Elveda Katya
Best Actor: Abdülkadir Tuncer, Güzelliğin On Par' Etmez
Best Supporting Actress: Lale Yavaş, Güzelliğin On Par' Etmez
Best Supporting Actor: Tansu Biçer, Küf
Best Film Editing: Christoph Loidl, Güzelliğin On Par' Etmez
Best Art Director: Tora Aghabayova, Zerre
Behlül Dal Jury Award: Yuşa Durak, Güzelliğin On Par' Etmez


Best Film: Aglaya
Special Jury Award: Gülümse

This is a translation of an article originally written by Olkan Özyurt.

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