The 'Hürrem Sultan' ballet takes the stage in Istanbul

Published 18.10.2012 16:20
Updated 18.10.2012 16:23

First staged in 1977 in Ankara, the 'Hürrem Sultan' ballet returns to Istanbul 35 years later…

The Istanbul State Opera and Ballet will be bringing back their performance of 'Hürrem Sultan', which first showed last season to ballet-lovers. The production was composed by Nevit Kodallı and choreographed by Oytun Turfanda in 1977 and performed by the Ankara State Ballet. Now, 35 years later the revived production, directed by Deniz Olgay Yamanus and Oktay Keresteci will be staged for Istanbul ballet-lovers.


The ballet depicts the love of Süleyman the Magnificent and his wife Hürrem Sultan and tells the dramatic story of her intentions to bring her offspring to power, which leads to Sultan Süleyman having to kill his own son.

Considered a veteran of ballet in Turkey, the late Oytun Turfanda choreographed and first staged this production in 1977 to much fanfare. Last season, the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet revived the production in commemoration of the ten-year anniversary of Turfanda's death.

The ballet's costumes were designed by Serdar Başbuğ and the stage design, which reflects the historical Ottoman decadence of the period, was done by Efter Tunç.

Hürrem Sultan will run on October 19th, 23rd and 24th at 20:00 as well as at 16:00 October 20th at the Kadıköy Süreyya Opera.

For tickets: 0216 346 15 31/120.

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