Documents of Nemrut excavations found in German flea market

Published 21.02.2015 00:00
Updated 21.02.2015 02:15

Recordings and photos taken by German researcher Lothar Carlowitz during the 1965 excavations in Adıyaman's Mount Nemrut were accidentally found by a Turkish collector in a German flea market. Researcher Şenol Şahin Çörekçi said the photos, which reveal interesting images about excavations and local life, have been transferred onto a digital platform and brought to Turkey. The images show sculptures still covered with soil and local villagers who participated in the excavations. Çörekçi said he has been collecting historical documents about Turks for years. "You may find objects or documents from the Ottoman era to the present day in Germany's flea markets. One of my Turkish collector friends informed me about the photos. Following a special study, we revealed the images and understood they were taken by an old camera," he said. The photos give interesting information about the social life in Adıyaman's Kahta district and the entire region. Çörekçi said the images explain a lot about the Nemrut excavations. Carlowitz must have interviewed archaeologists to get information, he continued. The 20-minute recordings show that Carlowitz was a physician and enthusiastically cared and examined the local people. Çörekçi said the documents bear historical significance, and he can submit them to the relevant institutions upon request.

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