Terror-stricken youth offered relaxation with art courses

Published 25.08.2016 00:00
Terror-stricken youth offered relaxation with art courses

Terror-stricken young people in the Yüksekova district of Hakkari, where a curfew has been partially lifted, are trying to improve their skills through visual art courses offered at public education centers. Since the end of the curfew that started on March 13 and lasted until April 20, children and young people have been practicing various art disciplines in preparation for a better future. Fine arts instructors at the Public Education Center sometimes teach their classes outside to boost the morale of the students, and on pleasant days, 21 students study art in the park outside.

Fine arts instructor Ümit Bartın said local people were traumatized during counterterror operations and stressed the importance of artistic activities to overcome trauma. Saying a bright future needs to begin with the young, Bartın said: "Everybody has to take responsibility. We are providing painting classes and art education to these young people because the hearts of the people who get involved in arts become soft and relaxed. We focus on training for university exams. Six students are trained to prepare for the special talent exams of various universities. We take care of these students privately, but we also help those who come here to take up a hobby. We do everything we can to avoid seeing the talents of our students wasted."

Bartın said that he is happy to see these young people taking an interest in art. Underlying the importance of young people practicing different disciplines of art, Bartın added: "God willing, we will overcome the obstacles together. The number of trainees is increasing. We sometimes take students to shopping malls to improve morale. We teach lessons in classrooms and neighborhoods as well. When people see us doing art, they become curious."

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