Auto portrait exhibition displays artist and object in a single frame

Published 11.06.2017 20:22
Updated 11.06.2017 20:23
İlknur Can
İlknur Can

Akbank Sanat is hosting the "Find Me" exhibition, which consists of the works of 23 artists. Curated by Merih Akoğul, the exhibition that will run until July 29, combines the photographer and the one being photographed, in other words the artist and their object in the same frame. It offers works of artists who project the camera to their inner worlds, bodies and souls and question their point of view and approach to the world through philosophy, sociology and arts.

Akoğul noted that auto portraits are indeed the artist playing with their own identity when they're producing intersecting products with life.

"The photographer and the one who poses meet at the same point and then, they depart. Only the product is left afterwards," he said. "Roland Barthes, in his book 'Camera Lucida' says the portrait is an area of 'closed forces' and summarizes the relation between a photographer and their model in a successful manner. Freud's triangle of id, ego and super ego points to a completely different mental structure. The camera that is directed onto the artist itself is a reality that triggers narcissism and ego."

He added that at this point the model and the photographer are like two competitors in a duello while the whole history of art waits at their side as an expert, judging. Akoğul noted that "Find Me" is about the own search and finding of the artists through the art of photography.

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