Art accompanied by Bosporus panorama

Published 07.08.2017 23:58
Updated 07.08.2017 23:59
Art accompanied by Bosporus panorama

Sabancı University's Sakıp Sabancı Museum (SSM) is getting ready to host an extensive performance art event. SSM, with the support of the Sabancı Foundation, will host an extensive performance art event titled, "Stage at the Museum, Istanbul at the Background" between Aug. 9 and 13.

Having presented a versatile museum atmosphere to its visitors since the day it was established, SSM will bring theater, performance and modern dance together with audiences. The event, whose art director is Emre Kalyoncuoğlu, will help art lovers live a new spatial experience with versions of important plays in SSM's garden, with a Bosporus view, properly to the theme of "Istanbul in the Background."

Drawing attention to social conditions and employing authentic qualities with their language and aesthetics, the performances will be put on by Galata Perform, Çıplak Ayaklar Kumpanyası, Nazlı Çevik Azazi, Project Difüzyon, Mine Çerçi, BAM Theater and Seyyar Sahne.

Theater artist Ayla Algan and Naz Erayda, the man of letters Hatice Meryem whose studies are about women and theater, will attend the seminars and interviews within the event as speakers.

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