Pera organizes interactive theater readings

Published 28.08.2017 23:30

Pera Museum is adding a new event involving every field of art. Its event program brings different disciplines together with theater readings this season on Sept. 9. The two plays, "Peki" (Alright) and "Doppelganger" (Ghostly Double), by young writer and actor Nadir Sönmez will be read at Pera Cafe. Sönmez has drawn attention for his work at Didaskali Theater.

"Peki" presents an entertaining and satirical perspective. In the reading, the character of Beril will be read by Hale Sürel, Tilbe will be read by Kübra Alp and Sönmez will read the character of Kürşat. "Doppelganger" focuses on a meeting at a queer night club in Istanbul. In the reading, the character Zeki will be read by Sinan Berksöz and Ela will be read by Reyhan Özdilek. These free readings will start on Saturday, Sept. 9 at 5 p.m. at Pera Cafe.

About Nadir Sönmez

Nadir Sönmez was born in Istanbul in 1989. He started acting while at the Galatasaray High School Theater Community. He completed his undergraduate education at Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle University's Theater Studies Department in 2011. He established Didaskali Theater together with Çisil Oğuz and performed in the plays, "Keşmekeş" (Mess), "Detay" (Detail) and "Maşenka." He also played roles in many short and feature films such as "Ali ile Ramazan" (Ali and Ramadan), which was performed by Studio 4, and "Balık Havuzu" (Fish Pond), "Ah geceler!" (Ah Nights!) and "Metamorphoses." He has been studying for his master's degree in the Film and Drama Department of Kadir Has University since 2016.

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