Bridge between 2 cultures, 'Junction 2' now open

Published 22.09.2017 01:12
Syrian publisher and collector Adnan Alahmad owns Kelimat Gallery and has continued his works in Istanbul since he came to Turkey in 2012.
Syrian publisher and collector Adnan Alahmad owns Kelimat Gallery and has continued his works in Istanbul since he came to Turkey in 2012.

Aiming to build a bridge between the culture and art of the Middle East and Turkey, the "Kavşak İki" ("Junction Two") exhibition is being presented to art lovers.

Organized at the Kelimat Art Gallery in Istanbul's Üsküdar district, the exhibition hosts nearly 20 works of a number of Middle Eastern artists including, Nasr Warour, Munir Hanoon, Monther Jawabreh, Boutros Almaari, Besher Koushaji, Semaan Khawam and Ibrahim Alhasoun of Syria, Palestine, Bahraini, Iraq, Jordan, Spain and Algeria, respectively.

The six works of two artists - and three special paintings in a book from the previous "Kavşak" exhibition - are also featured in the exhibition.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Syrian publisher and collector Adnan Alahmad who owns the gallery said he has been continuing his works in Istanbul ever since he came to Turkey in 2012.

Noting that he has opened more than 150 exhibitions to this day, Alahmad said, "I think Istanbul is one of the most important cultural capitals of the world. This is why I work so hard. Istanbul is a great city, and I like being here. I have opened more than 20 exhibitions in Istanbul but I have also received requests from other major cities like Paris or others in Europe. We can't answer these requests since our home isn't clear yet. My only wish is to be a citizen of Turkey. Only then will I be able to introduce these works abroad."

Explaining that he has been living in Istanbul for nearly five years with his family and is continuing his projects with Hüseyin Emiroğlu in Turkey, Alahmad continued, "Abdul Hamid had many structures constructed in Syria, such as the Grand Bazaar. Most of the mosques in Syria were reconstructed upon his request. We share similar cultural ideology and thoughts with Turkey. I can't see any differences between the Arabic and Turkish people. The street of this gallery is very much like our street in Syria. When I miss Syria too much, I go to the Blue Mosque. Here, I see that there is no difference between Istanbul and Aleppo. However, even a small piece of land is important. My life and I left our home in Syria for the first time in 35 years. The most important value in the world is our homeland. The only problem is that we miss our country."

Explaining that he gave his exhibition the name of "Kavşak" ("Intersection") since he wants to open doors and build a bridge between Arabic artists, Arabic art life and Turkey, Alahmad said he aims to bridge the gap for a unified approach in these two countries. Alahmad added, "We were together for nearly 400 years in the Ottoman period. I am trying to increase the scope of our relationship. Also, I want Europe to know the artists from the Middle East. We present the works of precious artists there. Art lovers who pass through Üsküdar should visit and view our beautiful works."

Alahmad lastly gave information about his plans to write a book which tells the story of Palestinian cartoonist Naji el-Ali, who lost his life as a result of an assassination in 1987. Alahmade mentioned that he is preparing a new exhibition comprised of Ali's works that have never been seen before.

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