'Cut and Pit' exhibition at UNIQ Gallery questions the nature of life

Published 04.11.2018 22:14
Updated 04.11.2018 22:17
A painting by Gökçen Cabadan in the ‘Cut and Pit’ exhibition.
A painting by Gökçen Cabadan in the ‘Cut and Pit’ exhibition.

UNIQ Gallery will present the ‘Cut and Pit' exhibition, in which the works of 12 artists will be displayed, to art lovers in Istanbul on Nov. 14. until Dec. 13

Curated by Ezgi Yıldız and created through the contributions of 12 artists, the "Cut and Pit" exhibition will be on display at UNIQ Gallery between Nov. 14 and Dec. 13, 2018. The group exhibition, which features the works of artists Osman Dinç, Kemal Seyhan, Erol Eskici, Güneş Terkol, Başak Bugay, Gizem Akkoyunoğlu, Can Akgümüş, Tayfun Gülnar, Bekir Dindar, Sadık Arı, Gökçen Cabadan and Can Küçük, approaches the phenomenon of life from the perspective of body, face and existence.

Beginning and the End (Life)

A distance covered between two spots, or a finite extension makes it possible for us to write a calculable, verifiable story. It is beyond doubt that a single spot in outer space is unique; however, for the very reason it's being unique doesn't mean that much as every single corner of the infinite space is full of such unique spots. However, the meeting aroused thanks to a line drawn between two spots rescues the spot from its own place, pulls it out of its context and puts it within a new, rare process by taking it out of its situation. In the aftermath, the deepness that is suited on the line like a weight conveys the line to a third dimension by putting pressure on it. This cut aroused in the space that consists of infinite spots will transform into a pit by increasing within time.

An installation by Başak Bugay, which can be seen in the exhibition.

The time that passes on the cut flows into the pit at first and it deepens when it reaches the bottom spot. Hence, it starts to fill up the pit by piling up there. It covers everywhere inch by inch, ascends by going up, slows down there and creates a clean-cut surface by reaching both spots in the end. Now, the process is completed, the pit is filled up and covered and the loop is closed.

Mouth and Eye (Face)

The face is the portrait of the entire story. It makes every single laborer, which handles the main work by thinking, deciding and realizing the action, invisible. In the system of absolute monarchy, it is the greatest authority that stands as the only visible one. It is the reception room of the emperor that kept high above by the old and faithful muscles, suffering feet that hold the entire weight. In this hall; the pits see and hear while the cut, speaks. All the windows and the doors of the backroom, where the entire context is created, receive the light from this facade. All the molecules penetrating inside complete the cycle and transform into action, voice, words and glances.

Birth and Burial (Body)

It is no doubt that transforming events into rituals by ceremonies throughout the history of humanity, these two phenomena we confront everywhere, every time and various cultures; are realized thanks to the same cut. Likewise, we came from the bottom of that deep darkness and we go back to that. The space we covered is the distance between the two spots. The way that the line covers is calculated by the rising of the sun or the face of the moon changing from night to night. Life fills the pit up. The body stops suffering. When the line reached the second spot, everything is perfect and makes up a whole. Hence, this meeting finds a meaning, day transforms into night, remembrances return to memory, the body goes back to the earth and birth transforms into burial in the end.

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