Late photography doyen Ara Güler’s work to be displayed at Tehran exhibit

Published 31.01.2019 14:43
Updated 31.01.2019 15:50
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Various works and memorabilia belonging to legendary Turkish photographer Ara Güler will be exhibited in a Tehran venue starting Friday, Feb. 1.

Named the "Memoirs of Lost History" and organized under the "Ara Güler Universal" project, the exhibit will showcase 160 photographs taken by the late doyen, as well as "black rooms" that will offer auditory and visual experiences to visitors.

Salvador Dali through Güler's lens.Hosted by the Nabshi Center in the Iranian capital Tehran, the exhibit will be curated by the project's owner Patrice Vallette.

The exhibition will run through March 15.

Aside from photographs, the exhibit will also feature interviews, fan letters he has received, ambient sounds recorded at Güler's café in Istanbul and the picture Pablo Picasso painted specially for him.

The "Ara Güler Universal" project also includes a documentary on Güler's life which will also premiere in Iran. Directed by Çoşkun Aral, the documentary takes its name from the same exhibit Aral and Güler worked together on in 1986.

The project was brought to life on request by Güler himself and was made possible after the late photographer gave access to his personal archive.

The project aims to keep Güler's work and his memory alive by organizing various exhibits around the world.

Born Aram Güleryan in 1928 in Istanbul, he interviewed and photographed various famous names including Winston Churchill, Indira Gandhi, Alfred Hitchcock, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. He received many awards including the Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Award and the Culture and Tourism Ministry's Grand Culture and Arts Award.

In 1961, Güler was named among the best seven photojournalists in the world by the "Photo Annual Anthology" published in London. The same year, he was admitted, as the only Turkish member, to the American Society of Media Photographers.

Ara Güler has been praised by many Turkish and Western institutions and associations in addition to the unending interest of the media in his life and work. He opened and joined many solo exhibitions in many capitals of the world.

The New York Museum of Modern Art exhibited his works at the "10 Masters of Color Photography" event in 1968. Another exhibition in Cologne, Germany followed that. His works on art and artists were used in books and periodicals.

Güler passed away in October at the age of 90.

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