Yearbook of Turkish architecture on display at HOM Design Center

Published 20.06.2019 00:01
Visitors can see detailed drafts of prominent architectural designs at the exhibition.
Visitors can see detailed drafts of prominent architectural designs at the exhibition.

The new center for design and decoration, HOM Design Center is hosting the "Yearbook of Architecture" exhibition, which is organized around the development of architectural culture. Held in collaboration with the Arkitera Architecture Center, the exhibition opened on June 17 and can be seen until July 16. The event is offering almost 70 projects, designs and decorations produced this year in Turkey. Six selected projects among them were discussed in depth at a special panel for the first time on June 18 as part of the exhibition.

Bringing together the leading decoration brands in Turkey and the world, HOM Design Center, which hosts design, architecture and art events, is hosting the "Yearbook of Architecture" exhibition this year with Arkitera Architecture Center. It is bringing together nearly 70 projects by local and foreign designers chosen by the members of the selection board: Melike Altınışık, Haydar Karabey, Nilüfer Kozikoğlu, Arzu Nuhoğlu and Mustafa Toner. The exhibition aims to open the framework on quality structures constructed in Turkey in the last year to the discussion and to document them. Hosting productions in the field of architecture, interior design, urban design and landscape architecture, the exhibition stands out with trade, education, housing and cultural projects.

The panel organized within the context of the exhibition focused on six projects selected by public voting and the selection board. Deniz Aslan and Eren Öztürk from DS Mimarlık, Emre Erkal from Erkal Mimarlık , Arif Bıltır and Emre Torbaoğlu from Atölye Kolektif, Sinan Timoçin and Merve Taşlıoğlu from M-Ofis Mimarlık and Görkem Volkan from Görkem Volkan Design Studio presented their projects at the panel. The panel, in which Bostanlı Skateboard Park, Biodiversity Research Center and Museum, Türkiye Finans Participation Bank Headquarters Building Interior Space Project, and Grill Polonez Vadi Istanbul projects were examined, took place free of charge.

The exhibition, which aims to record and create a resource for architectural projects created within the previous year in Turkey can be visited until July 16 at HOM Design Center.

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