Group exhibition finds 'space for art' in Leica Gallery

Published 26.06.2019 00:33
Group exhibition finds 'space for art' in Leica Gallery

A Space for Art, a social responsibility platform that provides space for artworks in various venues, festivals and exhibitions with the motto "Cause Art Wants Space," opened its third group exhibition titled "A Space for Art'19" on June 13. The exhibition in Leica Gallery at Yapı Kredi bomontiada can be seen until Aug. 19.

A Space for Art, shaped to support university students with the healing and combining power of art, presents an opportunity for young artist candidates to exhibit their works in a professional gallery with "A Space for Art'19."

Since 2015, university students from different cities in Turkey and with education in different cultural aspects and disciplines can show their works in restaurants, hotels and office buildings as well as at exhibitions and festivals before they step into professional life. The platform is a guide to artist candidates that are interested in fine arts in the road on which they will advance.

The Space for Art platform goes way beyond the known exhibitions and paves the way for the works of young artists who want to introduce their works to the right people in the right place to become visible and accessible. The platform has reached 7,000 art lovers with its digital exhibitions and alternative spaces through two groups, 10 pop-up exhibitions, interviews and parallel events since the very beginning. On the platform's website, which can be visited 365 days a year as a digital exhibition, more than 1,000 members and more than 5,000 uploaded works have been posted so far. Within the scope of the platform, approximately 700 works of 300 members were exhibited at different locations, and 92 of the exhibited works were sold and delivered to their new owners.

The most important feature of the platform is that it exhibits the works of students without ranking and criticizing them. It encourages young artists to introduce their works to more people, exceeding the limits and establishing new dialogue in new places. Works exhibited in various places have a tag featuring contact information. With this tag, art lovers can directly contact the owner of the work.

You can see different artworks such as sculptures, photographs, printing editions and installations by young artists at the exhibition until Aug. 19. The works are shaped around different themes and were created to become sources of inspiration for art lovers at Leica Gallery.

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