Beyoğlu streets open to art world with 'HARABEyİZ' collective

Published 08.07.2019 00:05
Mina Gürsel Tabanlıoğlu and Selin Nisa Açıkel, the founders of HARABEyİZ collective.
Mina Gürsel Tabanlıoğlu and Selin Nisa Açıkel, the founders of HARABEyİZ collective.

Initiated by Mina Gürsel Tabanlıoğlu and Selin Nisa Açıkel as a collective where different disciplines will express themselves, HARABEyİZ has been evaluating city and human stories since June 14 with exhibitions and performances.

Shaped with the support of a versatile group of attendees, from high school students to professionals who have been working for a long time, the collective provides a space experience in a building in Beyoğlu under restoration.

The building in Kuloğlu Neighborhood, Faik Paşa Street in Beyoğlu, provided by architect Naim Arnas to support creative ideas of youth, is an interesting construction due to its structural features. Different art productions, various ideas and works are exhibited in this place from the entrance. One of the floors provides a space for spontaneous participation along with acoustic concerts as it is open for performances.

Mina Gürsel Tabanlıoğlu and Selin Nisa Açıkel stressed that the main objective of this formation, in which participants from different disciplines will express their own experiences, is to question the possibilities of a "collective working order that merely interprets individuality." At the beginning of the project the duo looked for a place. They started to focus on the present building with the opportunity that Naim Arnas gave them. They think that this place, where surprising stories emerge, reflects the content.

Being individual and collective

"We imagined everything as a duo at the beginning and made an open call. We looked for a space firstly. When we came across this building, we were highly affected by its past story and soul. Since then, we started to think about how we can bring it into existence again, by touching a soul remaining in limbo. We took the first step of this collective being aware of the power of production, and then our number increased. The most precious tool to transfer the experiences that we gained in daily life and to create synergy between similar and dissimilar ones was art for all of us. The limitless capacity of art encouraged us," said Tabanlıoğlu.

HARABEyİZ, which takes place in the historical building in Çukurcuma until July 13, describes itself through different talents' relationship with space.

Dream, space experience

In the building, works by Mina Gürsel Tabanlıoğlu, Selin Nisa Açıkel, Batu Akcan, Ecem Karslı, Eylem Pala Uluğu, Noyan Yolalan, Rei Alaska, Volkan Parlak, Zeynep Tümertekin are on display. Along with the works by the artists, many different events, including talks, workshops, concerts and performances that make you feel the soul of the building are organized. The main approach in all this process is again the relationship established with space.

You can learn news about the collective on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, which are managed by Ela Emeksiz. In order to try this experience designed by the youth, you should visit the building. As Tabanlıoğlu and Açıkel explained, "Having fun, doing and being together will add soul to the space and make us grown. What really matters is conversation."

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