Bookworms gather at Sivas Book Days

Published 30.08.2016 01:21
Updated 30.08.2016 01:23
Bookworms gather at Sivas Book Days

Sivas Book Days, which will be organized for the fifth time under the 97th anniversary of Sivas Congress, will bring together book lovers on Aug. 29.

Speaking at the event's press conference held in Buruciye Madrasah, Governor Davut Gül said several programs organized as a part of the Sept. 4 celebrations apart from the book fair had to be canceled due to terrorist attacks.

Stating that 140 publishing houses will attend the book fair which will be opened in the town square, Gül said concerts and other events which would be held as a part of the Sept. 4 celebrations had to be canceled due to the tough time Turkey has been going through. "However, the book fair has gradually gained a brand value in Sivas," he said. "We need to promote reading and selling books in order to free ourselves from terror."

Saying that this year was declared as "Year of Kadı Burhan al-Din," and the book fair was organized in his memory, Gül said this seven-day event is the result of a 70-day effort. "We will give away 10,000 moneyboxes to our children thanks to the sponsorship of our banks. Children will save their own pocket money and buy their own books," Gül said. "Children will learn that money is spent on books. In addition, we will also have a book box. The books collected in this box will be sent to the inmates in prison."

Gül said the Sivas Book Days are organized with the mantra that "Every book is a new journey," and will also feature various programs including over 150 panels, poetry readings and signing days.

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