Erkenek Tunnel to be completed by end of year

Published 11.04.2016 22:19

Excavation works for the Erkenek Tunnel, which first underwent construction in 2011, have now been completed. Located between Malatya's Doğanşehir and Adıyaman's Gölbaşı provinces, the excavation could not be finished at the scheduled time because of ground problems which included excessive swelling and deformation.

The tunnel consists of two 1,816-meter-long tubes and cost nearly TL 238.5 million.

Hüseyin Kaya, tunnel control chief at the 8th Regional Directorate of Highways, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that construction works for the tunnel are continuing at full steam, despite past delays. He also stated that construction work will be finalized in roughly one month, adding that "We will then initiate electro-mechanical and permanent way procedures. We plan to finish the tunnel by the end of the year."

Referring to the fact that the tunnel is located on a route connecting the northern and southern parts of Turkey, Kaya said that even though the roadway will be shortened by around 600 meters when the tunnel is completed, it will make current traffic safer and more comfortable.

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