French Sanofi to produce insulin in Turkey

Published 02.08.2016 00:22

French pharmaceutical company Sanofi is preparing to produce insulin in Turkey. Having invested 613 million euros in Turkey in 2009, the pharmaceutical giant is now holding talks with public authorities to produce new-generation insulin.

Sanofi Turkey Chair Fabrizio Guidi said Turkey is at the top of the company's list of global investments. In reference to the fact that in Turkey in 2015, 7.2 million people suffer from diabetes, Guidi touched on the financial burden of the disease, saying that Type 2 diabetes costs Turkey nearly TL 10 billion a year.

As one of the most common chronic diseases both in Turkey and the world, diabetes constitutes 23 percent of Turkey's overall expenditure on social security. Moreover, many individuals are unaware of health conditions relating to diabetes, as they are not yet diagnosed with the disease.

Guidi shared information about Sanofi's insulin production, saying, "With the solutions we develop, millions of diabetic patients can maintain their daily lives on their own." Sanofi has obtained a license from the Health Ministry to introduce their insulin to Turkey. The product will be introduced to the Turkish market next year.

Sanofi ranks fifth in the world in terms of sales, and first in emerging markets. According to Guidi, the company has made investments in production and research and development (R&D) in their Lüleburgaz-based facilities in Thrace.

Guidi said, "We not only supply pharmaceuticals in Turkey, but also carry out production and exports." Sanofi exports pharmaceuticals to 46 countries including Germany, the U.K., Spain, Italy, Portugal, Japan and various Middle Eastern countries.

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