Company portfolios total value TL 105 billion

Published 10.08.2016 00:09

The amount of money managed by portfolio management companies has reached TL 105 billion ($50.34 billion) since late March as portfolio companies made TL 19 million in profit during the first quarter of the year According to the Turkish Capital Markets' Association (TSPB), along with growth in pension funds, the amount of money managed in these companies' portfolios reached TL 105 billion in late March with a TL 3.5 billion increase during the first three months of the year. While investment funds constitute TL 40 billion of this amount, TL 52 billion comes from pension funds.

The portfolio size of individual and corporate investors served by private portfolio management amounted to roughly TL 12 billion while the portfolio size of investment partners whose data was distinguished for the first time this year reached TL 326 million. A total number of 721 people are employed in 50 companies that are being examined, five of which are real estate portfolio companies. One-third of these people work as portfolio managers.

The total number of assets of the portfolio management companies reached TL 482 million as of the end of March while their equity capitals amounted to TL 418 million. The sector's income earned from the portfolio management operations reached TL 77 million during the first quarter of the year in parallel with increasing portfolio growth, a 15-percent growth compared to the same period of the previous year.

The sector gained TL 50 million and TL 21 million worth of profit from the management of investment funds and pension investment funds, respectively. Income earned from private portfolio management, on the other hand, stayed at TL 5 million.

According to the aforementioned report, while the annual investment fund management price rate was calculated as 0.46 percent on average, the pension investment fund management price rate was determined at o.19 percent. However, this rate should be evaluated as the share left to the portfolio management companies is not the same as the one collected from investors. While general management expenses increased more than the incomes, the sector's net profit dropped to TL 19 million during the first quarter, decreasing by 6 percent in comparison to the previous year. Of the 50 portfolio companies that were examined, 21 companies saw profits while 29 of them incurred losses.

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