Business world vows to root out all FETÖ-linked businessmen

Published 12.08.2016 21:55
Updated 13.08.2016 13:28
Business associations, gathered in the aftermath of the failed coup attempt on July 15 to launch their support for democracy, agreed to take the measures needed to root out any business people linked with FETÖ.
Business associations, gathered in the aftermath of the failed coup attempt on July 15 to launch their support for democracy, agreed to take the measures needed to root out any business people linked with FETÖ.

Business world agrees to intensity fight against those business people who finance the Gülenist Terror Group, as leading business associations decided to cancel their membership, rooting Gülenist out from their institutions

The business world is determined to join in the fight against businessmen and companies affiliated with the Gülenist Terror Cult (FETÖ), which has organized a long-running campaign to overthrow the state by infiltrating Turkey's state institutions, particularly the military, police and judiciary, forming what the government calls the "parallel structure." The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO) and Independent Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (MÜSİAD) have vowed to cut ties with anyone connected to the FETÖ. İTO Chairman İbrahim Çağlar called for board members linked with the FETÖ to leave their positions rather than abuse their authority by backing the terrorist group.

Çağlar announced that through the Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists (TUSKON), they have received requests from FETÖ-linked businessmen who aimed to exploit İTO for dark purposes, adding that İTO always turned down those requests, despite threats of a possible black list.

Çağlar described how TUSKON, founded in 2005, is closely associated with FETÖ and has been accused of funding the terrorist group through member companies. TUSKON made insistent requests for İTO to hire people linked with FETÖ for positions including vice-chairmanship, the board membership of five people, along with fifteen delegates from the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB). Çağlar added that İTO always rejected employing anyone involved with FETÖ.

Çağlar touched upon the failed coup attempt on July 15, which was carried out by a military junta loyal to FETÖ. Stating that the failed coup attempt should be considered a terrorist attack and as a form of occupation attempt targeting Turkey on behalf of the new world order, Çağlar labeled all those affiliated with FETÖ as traitors.

Speaking on behalf of İTO, Çağlar said that there is no way that businessmen financing the FETÖ can run businesses which benefit the economy. He stressed the necessity that FETÖ-likned businessmen must be kept away from the Turkish business world, adding that they have no place under the roof of the İTO, which has worked for the benefit of Turkey for 134 years.

In line with Çağlar's remarks, Nail Olpak, Chairman of MÜSİAD, announced that they are ready to take all necessary actions to fully root out any businessmen related to FETÖ. Saying that there might be FETÖ-related members under MÜSİAD's roof, Olpak said they have carrying out investigations to detect those members and cancel their membership, with the aim of keeping them away from their association. Olpak also reported that as of July 15, they focused on fighting FETÖ in collaboration with other associations.

Olpak said they expelled some firms from MÜSİAD, which has 11,000 members, as well as cutting ties with those suspected of links with the terrorist group, and making the process of membership admission much harder.

Speaking to a group of journalists in Malatya, Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci said on Tuesday that the government had investigated those firms that have ties with FETÖ, adding that they found that 250 company groups have links to the terrorist group.

With nation-wide operations to break FETÖ's network of companies ongoing, investigations into businessmen who have ties to the organization are being launched. In light of new intelligence data, financial disclosures by the Internal Affairs Ministry reveal the transfer of money by these companies to FETÖ. Various steps will be taken to completely undermine FETÖ's financial pillar, estimated worth of nearly $150 billion.

The Finance Ministry's Presidency of Tax Inspection Board has taken an inventory of properties and bank accounts of companies that supported FETÖ. The board is working in cooperation with the local police, health, national education and credit and dormitories authorities.

Investigations are being carried out, not as part of a financial audit, but in terms of " laundering of revenues from crime." The owners of companies that directly support FETÖ will be tried on charges of "aiding and abetting terrorism."

Movable properties leased by these companies are being transferred to public institutions that lack these. All accounts, including safe deposit boxes, in banks and other financial institutions are being blocked. Foreign exchange assets and checks in company treasuries are being turned into cash and deposited into bank accounts. Their receivables will be collected accordingly.

The General Directorate of the National Estate is seizing all real estate properties owned by FETÖ-linked companies, along with the lands allocated to FETÖ by local municipalities and other institutions.

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