89 new arrest warrants issued in FETÖ purge

Published 30.08.2016 20:32
Updated 30.08.2016 20:33

While nationwide operations against companies providing financial aid to the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) continue, several suspects have been detained in İzmir, Kahramanmaraş and Kayseri while trustees have been appointed to five companies owned by controversial businessman Abdullah Büyük.

Wanted by the Turkish Police amid allegations that he provided financial support to FETÖ and the PKK's Syrian franchise Democratic Union Party (PYD), Büyük is part of an investigation that continues at top speed into companies that may have provided financial support to FETÖ, including Türk Telekom, resulting in 89 new arrest warrants being issued for alleged financial involvement with the "parallel structure" or FETÖ.

The Criminal Court of Peace has appointed new trustees to the five companies owned by Büyük, who is also wanted by Turkish Police with a red bulletin having been issued for his alleged involvement in providing funds to FETÖ and the PYD under the guise of benevolence payment. The man was caught in Bulgaria and later extradited to Turkey.

The Criminal Court of Peace appointed businessperson İmran Okumuş, advocate Sezai Çiçek, IT specialist Hüseyin Yaşar, financier Aytekin Karahan, press and public relations specialist Ertuğrul Erdoğan, foundation and association specialist İsmail Gülen and tax auditor Levent Küçük as trustees of Kaynak Holding and its subsidiaries including Enkay, Fins, Ölçü, B.S. and Dijital Arıtma Teknolojileri. Trustees were previously appointed to Büyük's MCS Taşımacılık, İsim Tescil and FBS companies. In the wake of the investigations, Büyük's common-law wife Gülşen K. turned out to be one of the MCS's partners. Istanbul Chief Prosecutor's Office issued arrest, search and confiscation warrants for 89 people who took part in FETÖ's infiltration of Türk Telekom. While 60 suspects have been detained so far and taken to the TEM branch office for interrogations police searched the homes and workplaces of the suspects in the meantime. The investigation has revealed that suspects used the smartphone app Bylock to communicate with one another without being traced. Eleven people have already been detained in the investigation into FETÖ's links to Türk Telekom.

Kamil Karakaş is among the seven businesspeople to have a warrant issued for his arrest in İzmir, where he turned himself in at the courthouse. Remziye Aras and Nurettin Bilgi were also arrested along with the owner of Orkide Yağları, Ahmet Küçükbay. Metehan Kavuk, Ruhi Ünalan and Hami Çatalyürek are still wanted by police.

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