Turkey's Syrian migrants' daily exports total $5M

HATAY, Turkey
Published 31.08.2016 00:00

Syrian migrants residing in Turkey have been making over $5 million worth of exports to their home country daily, the head of their trade association has said. "We export mainly food products to Syria via the border gates of Cilvegözü and Öncüpınar, worth over $5 million a day. Our aim is to meet the daily need for food in Syria. We plan to increase our exports as well, thus bringing foreign exchange revenue to Turkey, which has hosted us since the beginning of the civil war in Syria," said Taher Ahmad Kasem, the head of the Syrian Trade and Industry Chamber in Turkey.

He noted that the association, which was established some 21 months ago near the southeastern district of Reyhanlı, now has 600 members, adding that they plan to open branches in the southern provinces of Mersin and Gaziantep.

Kasem said the association made the required applications to export granulated sugar to Syria from Turkey and hopes to receive approval. Saying that Turkish companies could import cotton, cumin, lentils and beans from Syria with the permission of the Customs and Trade Ministry, Kasem added that the same permissions should be offered to Syrian companies as well.

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