SMEs from Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia to meet in e-commerce platform

Published 10.04.2017 22:15
Updated 10.04.2017 23:04

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia, especially those that have never done internet sales, will come together in a common market called the "SME Market," an electronic market that aims to increase SME sales, according to Turkish daily Dünya that revealed the internet SME market will be launched in May.

Providing information about the project, World Business Platform Foundation (WSF) CEO Tunç Uyanık said they are planning to expand the electronic shopping platform, which will initially include SMEs from Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia, by incorporating SMEs from Asia, Europe and Africa into its structure.

Uyanık stated that this initiative aims to protect SMEs that carry out a large part of production operations, while confronting the difficulties associated with the rapid acceleration of globalization. This initiative is expected to be supported by developed countries since it works to reduce the distorting income distribution effect of globalization.

By negotiating the issue in the B20, which included businessmen already included in the G-20, Uyanık called for developed countries to support the efforts of the WSF during his most recent meeting in Germany last month. The WSF is seen as an integral part of SMEs. An intensive training program is planned for teaching online shopping to the three countries' SMEs that are included in the scope as the pilot scheme.

Noting that they have come to the final stage of establishing an online version of the Silk Road project between Turkey and China besides the, Uyanık said a ceremony will be held in early May in Kayseri to take concrete steps in this regard. solves FOUR major problems has been developed to solve the problem of transportation to the market, which is a common obstacle for the growth of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Using the internet for business: Creating a website for SMEs or opening a store on existing platforms can be too complicated, thanks to, SMEs can easily create internet sites and e-commerce stores.

Connection to domestic and international marketplaces: SMEs will be able to reach international markets thanks to, the solution partner of the project. As a result, they will be able to start making sales instantly on existing internet sites in Turkey, all easily accessible through

Access to large buyers: will provide brokerage services for SMEs to make sales to large buyers. With a certification program and reliable SME Directory, large companies will be able to make purchases from reliable SMEs.

Access to finance: will provide SMEs with access to banking and non-bank financing through solution partners and trading data that will accumulate on the platform.

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