Turkish Airlines to carry Afghan carpets at discount

Published 30.10.2017 20:06
Updated 30.10.2017 20:07
Turkish Airlines to carry Afghan carpets at discount

According to a report by Kabul-based Tolonews, Turkey's national flag carrier Turkish Airlines (THY) signed an agreement with the Afghan Carpet Producers and Exporters Union in mid-October stipulating that the airline would carry Afghan carpets to 300 destinations at a 50 percent discount. Tolonews highlighted that the agreement will help Afghan carpet sellers sell their wares around the world, especially in Europe.

Afghan exporters will be charged $2.50 per kilogram to transport their carpets to European countries, and the carpets will reach their destinations within three days.

"The goal is to create direct contact between Afghan businessmen and companies so their carpets can reach the target market on time," said Jamal Muradian, director for international cargo at THY.

Members of the union told Tolonews the agreement would provide them the chance to increase their turnover.

"Now the cost of transferring carpets abroad has sharply decreased. Before the agreement with Turkish Airlines, we were paying $2 per kilogram of carpet just to Dubai, but now we are paying $0.08," said Sayed Abbas, a member of the union.

Officials from Afghanistan's Commerce Ministry said they are continuing with their efforts to provide better ways to export domestic goods, especially carpets.

In October of last year, the THY also signed an agreement with Afghanistan's Communication and Information Technology Ministry to create more facilities and deliver improved postal services to Afghan citizens.

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