China sets eye on 'Made in Turkey' textile goods

Published 12.07.2018 01:06

Turkish towel and bathrobe exporters have identified China, which is increasingly interested in Turkish textile goods, as one of its key target markets.

Exporters from southwestern Turkey's Denizli, which accounts for almost $1.5 billion in the country's total $3.5 billion annual home textile exports, have turned toward alternative markets.

The exporters are carrying out a branding campaign called "Turkish Towels" under the Turquality project, the world's first state-sponsored branding program. They have sponsored a number of leading international events so far.

While Denizli exports products mostly to the U.S. and Europe, its textile exports to China in 2017 soared to $11.73 million, with a two-fold increase compared to the previous year.

Turkish towels and bathrobes are sold as luxury products with the image of European goods in China.

The exporters plan to open a warehouse and hold promotional events in China so that Turkish towels and bathrobes can claim a larger share of the Chinese market.

Chairman of Denizli Exporters' Association, Hüseyin Memişoğlu said that they are planning to participate in the annual Canton Import-Export Fair, to promote Turkish products China.

He said that as many as 20 companies from Denizli will showcase their products at the "Turkish Towels" booth.

"The number of people in China's high-income group is more than double than that of our country. There are quality products in that country, but there is a common perception that wealthy people buy European goods. We are a European country. For this reason, it is very likely that Turkish products will find a good market there," he said. Memişoğlu said this is an important perception. "Many well-known global brands have stores in China. We can easily find a market there if we open warehouses, stores and brands," he said.

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