Süper Lig champion Galatasaray enjoys buoyant stocks on Borsa Istanbul

Published 04.07.2019 01:29

Turkish giant Galatasaray Sportif A.Ş. shares traded on the Borsa Istanbul (BIST) brought an 18.55 percent profit to its investors, marking it the best performer in the first half of the year.

Having shown a noteworthy performance on the field throughout the last season, the Sports Toto Süper Lig Champion maintained an upward trend in the stock market as well.

The club saw its stock prices go up by 18.55 percent, becoming the most profitable company traded on the stock market.

In February, when the International Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) announced that the club's objection regarding the continuation of its restructuring agreement with UEFA was accepted, Galatasaray's shares went up. After the successful outcomes of Galatasaray derby matches, the company's shares showed a notable performance in the stock market.

Fenerbahçe Futbol A.Ş. shares also increased by 7.51 percent in the first half of the year. Trabzonspor Sportif A.Ş., on the other hand, lost 25.85 percent in the stock market, suffering the highest loss in profitability, while Beşiktaş Futbol Yatırımları A.Ş. investors also faced a 9.26 percent loss during this period.

With the expectation that the debts of football clubs would start to be structured, the shares of all sports clubs brought profit to their investors in June.

Following these expectations and news, the Banks Association of Turkey (TBB) announced that the structuring efforts between the clubs and related banks were underway to manage the administrative and financial structures of football clubs comprehensively.

These studies aim to determine the rules and principles that will enable football clubs to operate in a contemporary structure by strengthening their financial structure. The most significant gains of the clubs from the structuring are that they will not have any problems in terms of UEFA Financial Fair Play and they will bring their expenses under control to manageable levels. It is estimated that the clubs will improve their income-expense balance in this scope.

Trabzonspor took the lead in profitability among the sports companies with 17.24 percent in June. Trabzonspor was also the only club declaring the restructuring efforts with the banks. The club announced that its existing financial debts were structured with a maturity of five years and a two-year grace period. In terms of the most profitable shares in the stock market in the said month, Beşiktaş Futbol Yatırımları A.Ş. came second with 6.52 percent, followed by Fenerbahçe with 4.49 percent and Galatasaray with 4.26 percent

Among the sports companies traded on Borsa Istanbul, Galatasaray possesses the highest market value. The club closed June with a market value of TL 793.8 million, followed by Fenerbahçe with TL 736.4 million, Beşiktaş with TL 352.8 million, and Trabzonspor with TL 306 million.

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