This is your reality, America!

Published 07.04.2017 00:04

It's been less than a week since White House spokesperson Sean Spicer said Bashar Assad was a political reality that should be accepted. That was more than enough for the murderer Assad, already under the protective wings of Russia and Iran, to rain poison on the civilians in Idlib in Syria. Now U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is begging Russia and Iran to stop the civilian deaths.

It is understandable that stopping Daesh terrorism should be a priority in Syria. That was one of the reasons Turkey supported the Free Syrian Army (FSA) with military personnel and tanks on Aug. 24 to clear Turkey's border of Daesh. Aptly named Operation Euphrates Shield, the operation secured an area of 2,015 square kilometers and helped the FSA settle there. Turkey also stopped Assad's forces from entering these towns, and prevented the PKK's Democratic Union Party (PYD) forces from further creating their so-called cantons between the Kobani and Afrin provinces. Turkey has not had any military supplies or airports in the area. But within a mere month the FSA became a capable fighting force to drive the Assad forces and Daesh terrorists out of the area. Turkey clearly offered the U.S. and its coalition of 59 countries a chance to continue together to Raqqa, the self-proclaimed capital of Daesh.

The U.S. has a powerful ally here: Turkey. Its tanks, military equipment and special operations forces are already in the area. The U.S. did not have to send armored personnel carriers; it should not build and expand airports in the Kobani. It should not deliver tons of automatic weapons and anti-tank artillery into the hands of PYD militants, which Turkey has warned finds its way to PKK terrorists within the Turkish border. Besides, Turkey has always maintained that it would respect the territorial integrity of Syria, unlike the PYD, which resorts to ethnic cleansing in the areas it occupies and drives out Arabs and Turkmen tribes. Its leader already said Raqqa should be added to the PYD's liberated areas and included in the federated states of Syria. This will only expand the civil war in Syria.

But no! The U.S., a country whose "flexible military response" doctrine says it can simultaneously fight two and a half wars, had to bid this job out to their new best friends, the PKK-PYD terrorists. We are talking about a country where scholars and statesmen discern your terrorists from their own! This is the proxy-wars era, you know.

The ideologues of the White House were very content with their sly shrewdness when they declared that Assad was a reality to be recognized last week. They were hoping that this would keep Assad's forces at bay when they train their PYD army and pile up weapons and launch an offensive on Raqqa.

Those designing and implementing half-baked military policies in Syria should know that their mercenaries on the ground are not ever going to create an independent Kurdistan for them. They just need to look at the open eyes of the gassed and dead children of Syria. This is the realty for them.

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