Since you are changing your views Mr President...

Published 09.04.2017 19:00

It is hard to say which was a bigger bombshell: White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's announcement that Bashar Assad was a political reality that should be accepted or the chemical weapons dropped by Assad? But the net effect of the latter was another bombshell dropped by U.S. President Donald Trump, when he said that the Syria chemical attack had changed his view of Assad. Then came the literal bombshells on the regime's military air base that carried out the chemical attack. This is the first direct American assault on the Assad regime since Syria's civil war began nearly seven years ago.

This is Assad the Butcher's second chemical attack on his own people. The first chemical attack occurred in Ghouta in the early hours of Aug. 211, 2013. The death toll was estimated from at least 281 people to 1,729. In case you forgot, search Google for "Ghouta chemical attack," and you'll see pictures of little dead kids with open eyes and number stickers on their foreheads. The Western world and that blabbermouth Barack Hussein Obama forgot them so fast that even the ink on his "Assad will pay for this heinous act" statement was still wet. He did nothing; he blamed Congress; he pushed the U.N. and got a claptrap promise from Assad to remove all the chemical weapons in the country. That was all.Actually, it was not all: Russia and Iran moved in heavily - Assad's only two allies in the world. Iran sent Hezbollah in force, and Russia positioned more aircraft and S-400 defense systems, which stopped opposition activities that in turn created the fertile environment for Daesh to dig its heels in in Syria. Meanwhile, Turkey has been calling - nay, begging – for the creation of safe and secured zones in Syria.

Instead, NeoCons in the state and defense departments in Washington reared their ugly heads and used the opportunity to convince Obama that dismembering Syria was the only solution to guaranteeing the free flow of oil from the region: Our most dependable allies in the Middle East are Kurds, and an independent Kurdistan will be a second Israel in the area. Besides, this Skyes-Picot remnant partition of the Middle East is not working anymore.

This argument had many flaws. Number one: You do not have a dependable ally in the Kurds because what they (Neocons and Pentagon) pass as Kurds are not Kurds but a Turkish Marxist-Leninist terror organization. Syrian Kurds are not great in number. You have a historical ally who is very strong and very dependable. It is called Turkey.

Number two: The U.S. should not be redesigning Middle East business but repairing the broken social map of the American people. At the end of the day, six Americans out of 10 have to go to the emergency rooms not a policlinic or a doctor's office because they don't have working, affordable health care. Building four air bases in Syria is way too expensive when you have many in Turkey.

Mr. President there are other issues we need you to change your view about.

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