The world is in search of its lost heart


One evening, I was discussing with a well experienced Turkish ambassador President Barack Obama's Middle East and Palestine policy. He made a very interesting comment on the U.S., saying that whenever there is a very important change in the management of the world, it is brought on by U.S. presidential elections. I pondered on the events taking place in Palestine, and concluded that if there is no improvement in the Palestinian issue, then there is no improvement in the world in terms of humanity. If there is pain in the heart, there is tyranny in the world. Unfortunately, in the case of Palestine, Obama's terms in office followed suit of former American presidents in that oppression in Palestine continued. As soon as the ambassador finished, in spite of myself, I delved in and said: "That means if there is oppression in Palestine, there is no justice in the world. "

Justice is the common denominator of humanity, and ever since the first man on earth, Adam, up to today, humanity has been in search of justice. The opposite of justice is tyranny. Hence, in whole history of humankind, any person whose nature is untainted and declares their free will has never seen to tyranny as useful.

When referring to their power, the regime of their government, empires have always put forward emphasis on justice as the most important characteristic that separates one person from another – the distinguished virtue of the sense of justice.

After World War II, burning Jews in huge ovens in Germany, their woeful immigration, and the loss of 40 million lives from the onset until the end of the war shook the Western world at its core. As the countries of the West were reforming the Western order, a wind of democracy started to blow with the effect of the government of the U.S.

During this period, which is short in the history of humanity, starting with the European community, people believed in democracy, human rights and the supremacy of law. It was such that when a Western government erred, non-Western countries or intellectuals accused Western governments of double standards. Nevertheless, this perception was quite important for the West because humanity had expectations of it in terms of democracy, human rights and the supremacy of law.

After the Cold War, especially after Sept. 11, the West caused the asseveration of democracy to weaken. The indulgent attitude of America has laid aside the set laws between governments. Although European countries seem to resist, they, too, conformed to the trend of steering away from democracy by being anti-foreigner and anti-Muslim.

Minorities, wherever they may be around the world, be it Bosnia-Herzegovina, Palestine, Syria, African countries or Myanmar, cannot make their voices heard as they are massacred. Oppression cannot be accepted, and even if for a short times, humanity remains silent to oppression. As the sense of justice, religious beliefs and the thought of Judgement Day rusts away in this cyber era, the fear that people are becoming more like machines is disturbing.

While all these negative, unfavorable events are taking place, to see a small sign that shows humanity's attempt to recover and protect itself gives us hope.

Resulting from Trump's attempt to announce Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) carried out its duty most effectively and carried the Palestinian issue to the world platform. During the U.N. Security Council vote, the U.S. stood alone. Following this, almost all the countries in the U.N. General Assembly voted against the U.S., which is an important step in the name of humanity and in saving its honor.

In the 1970s, the basic argument in the world between the right and left was the Palestinian issue. Today, the world needs solidarity on the issue of Palestine between Muslims all over the world and the world's leftists as well, as their search for justice can be a glimpse of hope. The world and humanity needs to return to its abandoned heart.

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