Didn't the US ambassador live through the same ordeal?

Published 03.08.2016 01:35

On July 15, 2016, the people of Ankara lived through a terrible ordeal where coup plotters reigned terror over the city with their low flying jet fighters, helicopter gunships and tanks strafing the people.

Diplomats representing their respective countries also experienced this nightmare along with the Turks. So normally you would think American diplomats led by their ambassador must have also been through this horrible ordeal. They too must have observed how soldiers shot unarmed civilians at point blank range. They too must have observed how jets and helicopter gunships spread terror all over the city.

They too must have seen how a nation rises up to the occasion and defends democratic values, how a nation defends its politicians, who it elected through the ballot box, and how people brave bullets, tanks and jets to defend the integrity of their country.

Yet we still read and see on TV shows, especially in U.S. media, that all this was play acting and that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan staged this scenario to tighten his hold on the country...

So we do expect our American friends in Ankara to speak and tell the world that what they experienced here on July 15 was a violent coup attempt by a barbaric group of people affiliated with a madman named Fethullah Gülen?

We also expect American leaders to acknowledge what we have gone through on that night of a nightmare and tell the world that this was no play acting or a Hollywood scenario.

Similar scenes were repeated in İstanbul. So many diplomats and expatriates also lived through the same ordeal with Turks in Istanbul. Were there no Americans among them to tell their people back home that this coup attempt was no joke or play acting?

We Turks, who have lost so much on the night of July 15, are deeply offended when people in the US try to dilute our heroic stance against the coup plotters and suggest all this did not happen and that it is all part of a scenario to bolster the Erdoğan administration. Do they not realize that all this has seriously hurt Erdoğan's plans to speed up the development process of Turkey? Do they not realize that while the coup has served to dismantle military influence in Turkey's political life, it is also a security and defense hazard for our country?

What would the Americans think of us if we said 9/11 was a plot by their administration to create an alibi to attack al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden? What would the families of the victims of 9/11 feel if we said their loved ones died in a needless American plot?

Of course all this also goes for the diplomats of European Union countries whose governments are preaching to our country about human rights when that country has suffered a massive trauma in the hands of violent coup plotters. Are the diplomats of these countries failing to report the real picture about Turkey or are their respective governments turning a blind eye to their reports?

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