It only hit the West now that the coup failed

Published 30.08.2016 23:07

The West is astounded by Turkey after having seen the military operation against DAESH in Syria despite the country experiencing a deadly coup attempt in July 15

It is now about six weeks since we suffered a bloody coup attempt at the hands of rebel soldiers affiliated with the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) and finally Western leaders seem to be coming around to acknowledging that Turkey survived a massive disaster thanks to its democracy-loving masses.

It seems some Western politicians wanted this coup to succeed and have since been trying to digest the fact that against their expectations the Turkish people rose to the occasion and bashed the coup plotters. These people simply could not accept the fact that Turkey can support its own national policies even if this meant these policies did not complement Western policies. Thus they wanted to get rid of Turkey's popular President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and they now see that he is here to stay and has grown even stronger in the eyes of the people.

Then there are those who were not sure if Turkey actually did survive the coup and were playing for time to see if Erdoğan could actually remain in power. Now they see that Turkey has managed to overcome the massive trauma of the coup plot, has recovered with extreme speed and is now marching ahead to the future with added zeal.

The speed of the recovery and the strength of the economy, despite all the adverse conditions, has left everyone abroad bewildered.

The West also observed that the coup has eradicated the deepening polarization in Turkey and has brought the government and the opposition together. Opposition leaders have buried the hatchets and embraced President Erdoğan. Now, in return, he is listening to the opposition leaders' views. Western sources were claiming that there was a massive crackdown against the opposition in Turkey after the coup. Turkey has proven that its state of emergency has only been applied to the coup plotters and not against the opposition. So 40 days after the coup attempt, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden comes to Ankara and tells us he laments the fact that he should have come here much earlier. German Chancellor Angela Merkel asks her politicians, "what would we have done if our Parliament was bombed?"

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier admits that Europe cannot succeed with its policies on migrants without Turkey's cooperation.

All in all they seem to be repentant. In fact, most leaders will have to face Erdoğan in the near future. World leaders who simply watched the coup attempt and did not lift a finger to help or even sympathize with Turkey will face Erdoğan first at the G20 summit in China. Then others will have to bump into Erdoğan at the United Nations General Assembly. Will they be able to face him?

Turkey has not only managed to recover from a failed coup, it is still under assault from foreign-inspired terrorist attacks by the PKK, Democratic Union Party (PYD) and DAESH and yet the country is still marching ahead undeterred. Bombings and terrorist attacks by the PKK and DAESH are continuing to claim innocent Turkish lives and we suspect these are sponsored by Western sources. Turkey sent its troops into northern Syria to fight DAESH just weeks after the coup at a time when Western sources were claiming that the incident has seriously weakened the operational capabilities of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). Yet we have shown to our friends and foes alike that our military capability is alive and well and we can operate in northern Syria effectively.

The West must now realize that they have to bow to the will of the people of Turkey instead of trying to stall it. The people of this country who defied the odds and defeated a coup attempt deserve this.

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