What would EU have done if the coup had not failed?

Published 24.11.2016 23:46

In short, the EU is on a completely wrong course and instead of trying to understand the real situation in Turkey it seems to be trying to give a helping hand to the coup plotters and enemies of the Turkish nation

What the European Union, its institutions and member states have been doing against Turkey since the failed coup of July 15 is what they would normally have done against a country where the military had taken over power and had installed a junta which had dissolved the elected Parliament and shutdown political parties thus shelving democracy.

Or at least this is expected of a political entity that boasts of entertaining high democratic principles and supreme civilized values.

Yet, ever since the day Turkey suffered this bloody coup that left 246 people dead and more than 2,000 wounded when the people took to the streets and braved tanks and jets fighters to halt a military takeover, the EU and its member states have been behaving extremely negatively as if they actually wanted this coup to succeed and thus they would get rid of the Erdoğan administration.

One would have felt the members of the European Parliament would have risen to the occasion in a euphoric manner to congratulate the Turkish people for defending democracy by sacrificing their lives and thus tell them that they feel these brave people deserve to be a part of the family of civilized nations more than anyone else. Yet that did not happen.

What these people did not understand is that the people flocked into the streets to defend their President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Turkish Parliament and that is exactly what they did. So instead of applause from the European Parliament, the EU and member states, we have been only hearing a barrage of criticism, threats and at times open insults.

The European Parliament has added injury to insult by approving a resolution to temporarily freeze accession talks with Turkey.

The EU and its institutions, the member states have been openly siding with the coup plotters and the PKK terrorists who want to divide Turkey. So when you clamp down upon them we hear cries from the EU that the Erdoğan administration is going after the "opposition" in Turkey with iron fist tactics. That is ridiculous.

Turkey has rightfully taken action against the coup plotters with a relatively soft State of Emergency which has only been directed against those who are trying to destabilize the country which include the Fetullah Gülen coup plotters called the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) and the secessionist terrorists of the Kurdish PKK. If there is anyone in the EU that remembers the old days, they should tell the ignorant members of the European Parliament how past military regimes and their supporters applied State of Emergency rules and Martial Law in Turkey, how the nation suffered.

Using the "freezing accession talks" as a weapon against Turkey and Erdoğan is such an empty gesture. Turkey has been kept in the limbo by the EU for 53 years which is a scandal. They have no intention of letting Turkey in as a member but they are such cowards to admit this. All this resolution will do is to further alienate the Turkish people who no longer believe it is a good idea to be a member of this union.

They are trying to corner us by using the Customs Union as a threat. They say, "we will not improve and amend the Customs Union Treaty to your advantage," which is criminal. They seem to think they can exploit the toil of the Turkish people as if they were exploiting their old colonies in Africa... That will not work.

In short the EU is completely on a wrong course and instead of trying to understand the real situation in Turkey they seem to be trying to give a helping hand to the coup plotters and enemies of the Turkish nation. What a great shame for those who claim to be civilized.

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