If the HDP practiced politics

Published 04.06.2016 00:11

The secret of the currently discussed issue of revoking parliamentary immunities and the unfortunate fact that dozens of our people have been victimized by terrorism is hidden in the question of why the outlawed PKK did not give up its terrorist activities while the reconciliation process was ongoing. Everyone already knows that the argument suggesting that the state forced them to do so is simply a lie.

The invalidity of this justification has been underlined innumerous times. But still, even in the midst of the ongoing discussions regarding immunities, some figures deliberately try to conceal the realities of the PKK's inclination to violence.

Have we forgotten that the PKK called people to take up arms for a so-called revolutionary people's war by coining some nonsensical reasons such as military dams and double roads on July 10, 2015? It should also be recalled that Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş directly advocated this call from the PKK.

Have we forgotten that the PKK occupied districts where the HDP received 70 percent to 80 percent of the vote and declared autonomy by force of arms, killed dozens of military officers with roadside bombs, made the region uninhabitable and built barricades and dug ditches in urban areas?

Have we forgotten that Demirtaş and other HDP members advocated their acts as "our people's struggle for autonomy?" Of course we have not forgotten. For this reason, all our people, particularly Kurds, did not support the PKK's violent policies based on bloodshed.

Today, everyone knows that Kurdish children are not dying for the sake of Kurdish national or individual rights. It is also known that there is no reason to die for. Therefore, in many southeastern districts, including Sur, İdil and Silopi, people have moved to other locations.

Kurds fearlessly objected to the policies of the HDP-PKK alliance. Take the picture we have in Van, Şırnak, Nusaybin and Yüksekova where military and police officers are being killed and dozens of PKK militants are raising white flags to surrender.

This is the point the HDP and PKK's policies have dragged Turkey to. No one can ignore these unfortunate facts. Those imposing violence and terrorism on us as a political option do not have a right to mention peace and a resolution today.

There is one criterion for democratic politics: No violence. The Venice Commission clearly stipulates that. In retrospect, can we argue that the HDP has met that criterion?

After calling the bombed occupation of the Sur district a people's resistance, and encouraging people to take to the streets and support the resistance, no one would believe that the HDP really sides with peace and resolution.

Things have started to go off the rails in the process we have been going through. The PKK and HDP are so daring and reckless that they behave as if resorting to violence is their natural right. The radical left and some intellectuals are also engaging in similar behavior.

For them, the state is unfair under any circumstance while the PKK is always right. The state has not gone under even the slightest reformation, according to them. Therefore, they often refer to the denial and annihilating state policies prevalent in the 1990s. Both the state and Kurds, however, have changed a great deal since then.

The fact that the state or the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) made some mistakes of foresights and in managing the process does not change this reality. All the political channels were open in Turkey and the reconciliation process was blocked only due to the PKK's choice and relations with Syrian politics.

The PKK overtly displayed its wish to keep Syria and Turkey occupied and to possess a region to control when it succeeds. It did not pay any attention to the reconciliation process.

Is it possible to talk about a reasonable solution or returning to civilian politics in the presence of these explicit mistakes, adding that those in charge of all this are still resorting to violence and terror?

In addition, how can a resolution be possible with an organization that openly declared it would overthrow the AK Party government with violence and chaos? A new step cannot be taken before those in charge of the turmoil give an account.

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