Boris Johnson and post-truth politics

Published 26.07.2019 01:02

There is growing concern about where the world is heading. One reason is that the U.S. acting like a bully while another one is the failure to produce new politics that will challenge it and give hope to the peoples of the world.

The East of the world is yet to produce a new democracy option, while the Western side is in a position to lose even its democracy. As racist and anti-immigrant marginal politics coming from the periphery become stronger and encircle the center, centrist politics are increasingly losing altitude and producing populist players. This is called "post-truth" politics, where truth is intertwined with lies.

While U.S. President Donald Trump is considered the pioneer of this trend, the most recent and "good" example of this has emerged in the U.K. He is such a good example that there is tremendous common ground between the methods he uses in his profession and the politics that have made him the prime minister today. I am talking about the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

While he is being discussed in Turkey due to his grandfather Ali Kemal, a journalist who was lynched and killed, he is at the forefront in the West mainly due to his fabricated news and false politics. He is a typical post-truth politician. His two lies, one from his profession and the other from his political life, tell a lot.

The first was when he started working for The Times as an intern at the age of 23 and fabricated a quote from his godfather, a professor at Oxford University, for an

article alleging gay fantasies about King Edward II. Even the godfather denied the news.

The second lie was about Turkey he told when he was involved in politics. During the Brexit campaign, he lied that "Turkey, with its 76 million people, will become a member of the EU" – which was very influential in the Brexit vote. The Western media defines this feature of his character as follows: "A classic Boris Johnson sent by Brussels is funny, cynical and only partly based on reality. The ultimate point of exaggeration, distortion and lies. A successful clown."

Johnson, whose father was also a member of parliament (MP), is a graduate of Eton College and Oxford University, showing his good education. He is both intelligent and intellectual, and he has been elected despite being known for his lies. That is exactly what the new political wave is about.

If the U.K., the cradle of democracy and law, has elected such a political player in the 21st century, then there is definitely something wrong.

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