Will Trump's recklessness ruin America?

Published 31.07.2018 01:04

President Trump's reckless actions are putting the U.S.' reputation in the international community at serious risk

Unless the leaders of a powerful and great country like the United States act accordingly, Washington's international reputation could be ruined. Right now, U.S. President Donald Trump faces this very threat.

The obsessions and fixations of President Trump, who sacked members of his staff, including his secretary of state via Twitter, and entered into wars of word with foreign leaders, resulted in Washington's transformation into a serious threat against world peace and the global economy.

It would seem that President Trump confuses public service with reality television and therefore craves attention more than stability.

Most recently, a series of tweets by President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence caused a backlash with the Turkish people. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan responded to the threat of economic sanctions last weekend. "They are saying that they will prevent international financial institutions from offering loans to Turkey. Do you know where Turkey came from? Did we come here with the help of creditors? Just as we fought for liberty and independence in the past, so too shall we fight this time around," he said. "We are not dependent on the United States. We have been in solidarity with our people until today and we will move forward the same way. Unless the U.S. changes its position, it must remember that it stands to lose a powerful and genuine ally like Turkey."

We Turks can only imagine how Washington's recklessness, which fuels anger towards the United States, makes Iran and the Iranian people feel. No wonder President Hassan Rouhani, along with Iranian officials, wants to respond to the U.S. president.President Trump, who withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal that his predecessor, Barack Obama, concluded, and identified Tehran as "the enemy" for the sake of selling U.S. weapons to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries fuels anti-Americanism among the people of this ancient country. U.S. sanctions on Iran and efforts by Washington to launch a military campaign against Tehran drag the Middle East into a new and deeper crisis.

May God shelter the world from unpredictable politicians like President Trump. Unfortunately, an uncertain future awaits the United States in the hands of its current leader. In the twentieth century, Adolf Hitler thought he could strengthen Germany by ignoring international treaties. Will Donald Trump do the same by claiming that the world is trying to rip off the United States?

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