Are we waiting for our turn?

Published 24.03.2016 02:56
Updated 24.03.2016 02:59

Within the last couple of months Turkey has been ravaged by several terrorist attacks that have killed dozens of people.

The terrorists responsible for the Ankara and Istanbul attacks seem to have been determined according to the victim profiles.

If military officers are killed in an attack, the outlawed PKK takes responsibility, if civilians are killed, The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK), a PKK splinter group, takes responsibility and if tourists are killed, it always turns out that DAESH was behind it.

This template never changes because the people leading the militants and the attacks are the same. They are also reinforced in the same location, which is Syria.

Turkey's border with Syria extends hundreds of kilometers, and Syria unexceptionally acts as the headquarters of all the terrorist organizations in the region - the PKK's Syrian affiliate Democratic Union Party (PYD) and it People's Protection Units (YPG) militia, DAESH and the illegal Revolutionary Peoples Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C).

Turkey is paying the cost for the chaos in its neighbor far more than anyone else. However, following the Paris attacks, the latest bombings in the EU and NATO capital Brussels revealed that terrorism threatens the entire world.

It does not matter whether the perpetrators are the citizens of the country they attack or not. All the organizations conducting deadly attacks in the Middle East and Europe get their human resources and logistical support from Syria. The Damascus regime is behind them. As long as the migration wave caused by the civil war and chaos in Syria continues, it will be nearly impossible to control the terrorists' actions.

More than half of the Syrian population has already become refugees, and refugee numbers are climbing with each passing day.

So how will Europe overcome this common problem? Undoubtedly, embracing fascist security policies by turning down common values of humanity is not a solution. This can only delay a solution and deepen the wounds.

Therefore, some structural resolutions must be employed to overcome the problem. The first step should be forming a safe zone in northern Syria to stop the migration wave. Following this, the dictatorship in Syria should come to an end and a new administration that allows public participation should be founded. Europe and the U.S. can contribute to this in various aspects.

As a second step, the West must leave behind its double standards as part of the global fight against terrorism.

For instance, Belgium, which has just been ravaged by terrorist attacks, tolerates some illegal organizations like the DHKP-C that organize terror attacks in EU candidate Turkey. Although Turkey regards European Court of Human Rights mechanisms as superior to national law, Belgium refuses to return some terrorists to Turkey, including Fehriye Erdal, who are proven to have committed murders as part of terrorist organization activities.

Even worse, the PKK is allowed to set up propaganda tents in Brussels even though it organized two attacks in a row in Ankara last month and killed around 70 people, which were as violent as the Brussels attacks.

In the statements they issue to Turkish authorities on the subject, Belgiun officials justify this with freedom of expression.

Can you argue that killing people and bragging about it without even needing to conceal that hideous fact can be regarded as part of the freedom of expression?

Imagine that some DAESH militants who terrorized Belgium set up a propaganda tent in Ankara and defend the Brussels massacre and the Turkish government allowed it as part of freedom of expression. What would the EU's reaction be?

With respect to the anti-terrorism fight, the EU should take Turkey as an example, which fights all terrorist groups, including DAESH, the PKK and DHKP-C, without making a distinction between them. The EU must also shoulder responsibility in resolving the chaos in Syria, which has been breeding terrorism.

Otherwise we will desperately and fearfully anticipate which city will be the next target following Paris, Ankara, Istanbul and Brussels.

What are we waiting for?

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