Al-Jazeera case comes to mind when West mentions press freedom

Published 29.06.2017 00:37
Updated 29.06.2017 00:38
Staff work at the headquarters of the Al-Jazeera network in Doha, Qatar, June 8.
Staff work at the headquarters of the Al-Jazeera network in Doha, Qatar, June 8.

The world is witnessing the U.S. and Europe's double standard on press freedoms in the case of Al-Jazeera

Press freedom is a concept that is evaluated by the West according to region and the addressee of the matter. The legitimacy of limiting this area on the grounds of national security in EU countries and the U.S. is indisputable.

Regardless of whether they make propaganda or not, these countries do not allow the publications of media outlets that are allegedly linked to terrorist organizations in intelligence reports.

They are also ruthless against journalists who disclose state secrets. Western journalists who publish secret documents of their states can find no other way than living in embassies of neutral countries even if they manage to escape the heavy penalties.

However, the same West instantly takes an attitude of honoring journalism in the case of any Middle Eastern country apart from Israel.

Every year, they issue meticulous scorecards and reports about the freedom of the press in these countries.

For example, according to them, in a Middle Eastern country whose administration they do not like, newspapers would never be closed even if their affiliation with terrorist organizations is proven by the judiciary.

Journalists who are opponents of a government with whom they do not have colonial relations cannot be subjected to inquiry and/or prosecution even if they commit murder or conduct espionage.

This is because journalism for the West is a public activity that is evaluated with the political patterns of truthfulness only as long as it serves what the West wants.

We are witnessing the EU and the U.S.'s latest double standard on press freedoms in the Qatar crisis.

Assuming the role of a mediator in the Gulf crisis, Kuwait conveyed to Qatar a 13-point list of demands from four Arab countries that have embargoed the country recently. One point on the list given to Qatar to be fulfilled within 10 days is very striking.

Countries ruled by dictators or kings in the region, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain have ordered Qatar to shutter Al-Jazeera.

Yes, the Al-Jazeera that you know, the prestigious channel that has given journalism a good name and offers its broadcasts to the whole world.

However, the West, which claims to be the apostle of press freedoms, never clams up. Just as they buried their head in the sand when Twitter, which praises itself as an "area of freedom", suspended Al-Jazeera Arabic's account at the request of its Saudi partners a short while ago.

The reason for their hypocrisy is clear. They have chosen Qatar as victim in the new order of partition in the Middle East.

Now, please tell us, following so many contradictions, how can we take the EU and U.S.'s evaluations of press freedoms in our country seriously while they hold their tongues at the attack on Al-Jazeera, which has made a name for itself with objectivity? Do we look so gullible?

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