After Britain, EU should not also lose Turkey too

Published 27.06.2016 22:35

First of all, I would like to admit that I was not very surprised by Britain's decision to leave the European Union, as someone who can claim to know Britain's motives.

People who know how Britain has exploited the EU for its national interests, but turned its back on the shared currency and the Schengen agreement, were not at all surprised. Britain has perhaps made the biggest mistake in its history by leaving the EU.

We wonder how Britain, which is currently tackling various economic problems despite its exploitation of the EU, will resolve its economic crisis by leaving the EU. We hope the Queen of England has "three suggestions" pertinent to the future of the island.

Scotland is currently getting ready to leave the United Kingdom, since it is not willing to leave the EU. So we highly wonder what "three reasons" the Queen of England will list to persuade Scotland to remain in the U.K.After all is said and done, there is not much left to talk about England in the context of the EU. The six founding members of the EU met in Berlin and issued a message to England, which urges that the exit process be started immediately in accordance with the Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon. The six countries also pointed that the process must be initiated as soon as possible and not stretched out over a long period of time, so that they will be able to prepare and plan for the future of the EU.

This is the most appropriate decision for the EU. The EU can seize Brexit as an opportunity for self-evaluation.

It is time for the EU to focus as soon as possible on the necessary reforms. Embracing the values of the EU, which have lately been disregarded in the context of the refugee crisis, is crucial for the future of the EU. Eastern European countries that have recently joined the EU must be seriously informed about the EU's values. When we hear remarks from some EU prime ministers regarding refugees, we are concerned about the future of the EU.

From now on, the ultimate goal must be reviving the founding principles of the EU, along with keeping the EU together.

Within this scope, the EU must revise their relations with Turkey. Brexit will probably affect the EU in terms of security policies, since Britain is influential in many different regions where no other EU country is and thanks to that, the EU was able to show its presence over those regions. But now a great and inevitable gap has been opened.

Without Britain, the EU will need Turkey even more, particularly in terms of foreign and security policies.

Determining the future of the EU requires taking into account Turkey's membership. A final step in this framework requires the EU to grant full membership to Turkey. It is a serious mistake to not take a stance against the demands of radical right-wing and racist groups or parties in the EU, which pose the greatest risk to the EU's future and most strictly oppose Turkey's membership. We have already seen in the case of English Prime Minister David Cameron that adopting racist slogans such as "Turkey must not join the EU," does not bring any benefit.

Until recently claiming to advocate for Turkey's EU membership, Cameron thought he would reach his goal by pursuing a hypocritical policy in the face of the demands of the racists, and he eventually learned his lesson. The strategy of adopting racist slogans recoiled. It was a faulty and inconsistent policy. As a politician willing to stay in the EU, it would have been more convincing had Cameron developed a positive discourse on Turkey. Since the electorate always prefers the original, centrist parties should draw lessons from the Britain experience.

Having lost Britain, the EU now has to take a step regarding Turkey. It must realize that it is about to lose Turkey, too. Turkey has clearly expressed that it will no longer put up with EU policies, which cast Turkey aside and flirt with the outlawed PKK and the PYD terrorist organizations. People in Turkey are rightfully tired of the hypocritical policies of the EU.

Having announced last week that Turkey might go for a referendum on the subject of EU membership, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan seems sure that he has the full support of the 78 million Turkish citizens. The Turkish people do want to have a direct say in the process.

Turkey is determinedly following the path leading to EU membership without disregarding any of the EU values. However, as Turkey's counter-terrorism activities are concerned, it can be argued that Turkey does not want to become a part of the EU if the PKK is allowed to set up tents in front of the European Parliament and European Commission. The EU officials should be the first to adopt a stance against the hostility towards Turkey, Turks and Muslims that has been triggered by racist groups in the EU. But sadly, they are indifferent to the issue.

Erdoğan last week explicitly stated that Turkey's EU membership is hindered since most of its people are Muslim, which is an ugly truth.

The EU has to decide whether it is a Christian club. If Muslims are not wanted in the EU, or the membership of a powerful Muslim country in the EU is hindered only for this reason, Turkey has to make a decision that considers its own interests. Even though those in the EU opposed to Turkey claim the opposite, Turkey is far more democratic than many EU countries, and it will demonstrate that once again by referring to the choice of the people's to determine the fate of the EU membership process. It seems that it is time for Turkish people to cast ballots to say yes or no to EU membership. They have the right to say "enough" by voting no.

In order to avoid any negativity, the EU should issue a membership decision for Turkey, which would be the right decision in terms of the EU's own interests.

But if they aim to remain as a club of Christians as the racist groups wish, Turkey is not obliged to join the EU.

Now it is the EU's turn. It should make a decision as soon as possible to have Turkey in the aftermath of losing Britain, because the Turkish people have run out of patience.

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