Turkey, the only country in a total war against terrorism

Published 30.08.2016 01:28

In recent years, an obnoxious perception operation has been conducted against Turkey. Particularly the black propaganda in Europe headed by the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) and aided by the outlawed PKK, which was unfortunately supported by the European Parliament and some EU countries. With an aim to oppose Turkey and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the lies they fabricated were supported, even though it is known that their claims were not true.

It became obvious after the Nov. 1, 2015 elections, at which the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) had a victory by receiving an overwhelming majority of votes, that they cannot seize control of Turkey. Upon that, they appealed to violent terrorist attacks inside the country and the perception operations that targeted to provoke the international public against Turkey.

Violent attacks were organized in Turkey by the militants of DAESH, the PKK and the People's Protection Units (YPG), while some lies suggesting that Turkey abetted DAESH were spread in the European Union capitals, especially in Brussels.

President Erdoğan was constantly blamed for supporting DAESH while the black propaganda against Turkey insisted that Turkey provided weapons and aid to DAESH. The main purpose was to misinform the EU and world public, legitimize the PKK and the YPG through misinformation, and pave the way for the July 15 military coup attempt.

Unfortunately, some NATO member countries who are Turkey's allies have been the centers of such baseless claims.

German, British and particularly U.S. media outlets covered many stories based on lies that suggested Turkey abetted DAESH. They also created and spread the impression that the PKK and its Syrian offshoot YPG must be supported since they fought against DAESH.

Through this, the public in these countries did not question the U.S. and Germany's weapon aid to the YPG. At a German TV broadcast I attended, a politician clearly said: "Do not expect us to call the YPG terrorists. Our country provides weapons aid to them."

While smearing Turkey and accusing the country of abetting terrorism, they handed weapons to dangerous terrorist organizations, which could only increase bloodshed.

In 2015, while Turkish war jets were bombing the caves in which PKK militants hid, a German parliament member said to me: "Ozan, why is Turkey bombarding them? Why are you attacking them? Because they shot two police officers? They are fighting against DAESH and supporting us against terrorism." He naively believed in his remarks, which exemplify the gravity of the situation.

Some members of the European Parliament openly praised the PKK and the YPG by hiding behind such claims. However, it is a huge lie that they fought against DAESH.

While the lies of "YPG fights against DAESH" were being narrated, YPG militants attacked Syrian Turkmens, who were fighting against DAESH, and occupied their villages.

While DAESH was killing innocent civilians in Turkey with suicide bomb attacks, PKK militants were simultaneously organizing other attacks. It was even revealed that some of the suicide bombers were YPG militants.

While Turkey was targeting DAESH and the PKK, some FETÖ militants in pilot uniforms took advantage of a short airspace violation. They caused a crisis between Turkey and Russia by downing a Russian war jet. Due to that crisis, they hindered Turkey's operations in Syrian airspace for almost a year and started to share the Syrian territories as a result of cooperation between FETÖ, the PKK, the YPG and DAESH.

The PKK and the YPG carried out a symbolic battle against DAESH only to deceive the Western public. In reality, they did not engage in any serious fight against DAESH since the presence of DAESH was advantageous to them. DAESH's positioning at the Turkish border and constant attacks against Turkey also favored the PKK and the YPG. Also, the YPG occupied vast spaces in northern Syria by taking advantage of the Turkey-Russia crisis.

The YPG fought against neither the Assad's army nor DAESH militants. On the contrary, they battled against the Free Syrian Army, who endeavors to establish a democratic system in Syria, with the aid of DAESH. They occupied the lands in which Arabs and Turkmens have been residing for centuries.

Turkey always and consistently articulated this fact by presenting documents. However, neither the U.S. nor the EU supported Turkey on the subject.

On the night of July 15, some FETÖ members infiltrated the army and kicked off a violent insurrection in Turkey. Meanwhile, it was observed that some YPG and DAESH militants waited along Turkey's southeastern border. If the coup attempt had succeeded, FETÖ militants would have allowed the YPG and DAESH militants into the country and helped them to occupy some regions in southeastern Turkey.

The Turkish public's courageous resistance spoiled their plans.

Since then, Turkey has intensified its fight against FETÖ, the PKK, the YPG and DAESH.

About a week ago, the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) launched a joint operation with the Free Syrian Army against DAESH, since the mortar and rocket attacks that targeted Turkey from the town of Jarablus had increased. Thanks to the operation, Jarablus was saved from DAESH control. The lies began to surface when the YPG also attacked the TSK and Free Syrian Army. In some villages occupied by the YPG and saved by the Free Syrian Army, many DAESH militants were apprehended along with YPG militants. So the reality is, the YPG has supported DAESH all along instead of fighting them.

During the seven-day operation, the TSK and Free Syrian Army cleansed Jarablus and its neighborhood from terrorists. DAESH and the YPG had to leave the region. In the villages saved from the YPG, many PKK militants were apprehended along with DAESH militants.

The EU countries and the European Parliament have to face the reality. While they were unrightfully blaming Turkey, terrorist groups gained time and maintained their violent attacks.

However, as the Western public sees, Turkey is the only country in a total war against terrorism. If we do not wish the repetition of atrocious attacks in Paris and Brussels, terrorism must be eradicated. This requires annihilation of all the terrorist headquarters ensconced in Syria and Iraq. Likewise, it is essential that the terrorists' free movement in NATO member countries, particularly in the U.S., Germany and Belgium, be prevented. FETÖ leader Fethullah Gülen must be detained in the U.S. and must be barred from giving orders to his illegal organization.

In Germany and Belgium, the schools, associations and foundations affiliated with Gülen or the PKK must be closed. The terrorists whose extradition Turkey requested should not stay in these countries any longer.

If the U.S. and EU countries are really determined to conduct a counter-terrorism fight, it is high time for them to support Turkey.

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