EU the main supporter of military coups now?

Published 31.01.2019 00:04
Updated 31.01.2019 00:07

Has the once "proud bastion of democracy," the EU become a supporter of military regimes, at the command of the U.S.?

The EU, which used to back democratic governments and oppose military regimes, is nowadays trampling on its core values by supporting coup plotters. Today the bloc, once a beacon of hope for democracy, is becoming a major disappointment by supporting the enemies of democracy.

Some EU member states know very well what it means to have a fascist military regime. Spain, for instance, suffered a great deal under the Fascist Franco Dictatorship.

For many years, military leaders that worshipped Franco's fascism hindered democratic development in Spain. Luckily those days are left behind.

Greece, in a similar manner, also had to live under the tyranny of a fascist regime of military generals.

If Turkey had not carried out the Cyprus Peace Operation, both Cyprus and Greece could have suffered under military rules for years to come. Greece was able to get rid of the fascist generals' regime and obtain democracy, thanks to Turkey.

In the past, EU member nations had taken on a "coup opposing" attitude and helped those who resisted the coups in Chile, Argentina and in many other countries. The EU for its clear opposing attitude towards coups gained worldwide respect.

In the past EU became an example for the entire world by showing and advocating that democracy, can only and only work through elections.

But, is the EU the same now? No! It is the exact opposite.

Citizens of the Republic of Turkey will never forgive nor forget the indifferent attitude of many EU member countries toward the bloody July 15, 2016, military coup attempt in Turkey.

Earlier on July 3, 2013, in Egypt, a bloody military coup trampled democracy under its feet. The EU had also supported this bloody coup. It didn't take a stance against it. Hundreds of death penalties that were given out by the dictator did not bother the EU at the least. Citizens of Egypt will not forget and forgive this either.

What is EU's problem with those who come to office through democratic elections?

In Egypt, the citizens elected Muhammed Mursi in a democratic election. For the EU, president Mursi was not suitable, because the U.S., Israel and the EU were unable to control him.

Democratic elections and the decision of average Egyptian citizens were not important for the U.S. and EU when their profits were concerned.

They allowed a bloody-handed military officer who was keen to follow their orders; Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi to perform a coup. Dictator Sissi and the army at his command drenched Egypt in blood. The country is still suffering under his dictatorship. But this is not a problem for the EU. EU member states are selling everything, including weapons to dictator Sisi for monetary gain. As long as the dictator is under U.S. command, it doesn't bother the EU that Egypt does not have democracy.

Those who did see the same justifiable for Turkey were thwarted due to a great resistance by the citizens of the Republic of Turkey. Those who were hopeful for the success of actions by the uniformed terrorists of Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who always succeeds on every election he enters in Turkey and always garners huge support from the majority of the voters, even did celebrate at the night of July 15, 2016.

If on the morning of July 16, 2016, a fascist military regime were to rise to power in Turkey, they would have no problems with the EU. Luckily we have protected our Leader and our democracy and did not allow such a thing.

Now similar plans are on the agenda for Venezuela. From the very first day when Hugo Chavez won elections in 1998, the U.S. and the supporter of its wrong policies, the EU, had problems with the result. The U.S. did not want an independent state in its backyard. Their power was no match for Hugo Chavez. In 2002 they attempted to depose him with a coup but the military and the people of Venezuela did not allow it.

Nicolas Maduro who becomes the country's president in the elections on March 5, 2013, following the death of Chavez, followed his policies and thus gained the support of his citizens. He was elected president yet again at the democratic elections that were held on May 20, 2018.

Maduro, who is U.S. target because he is able to resist all embargoes and pressures, is now in danger of being deposed of in a military coup that is being supported by the EU.

Juan Guido, a puppet politician of the U.S. who has been "created from scratch to become the leader of opposition," is being supported as the leader of the opposition.

As a European politician who advocates EU values and worked in European Parliament as a deputy and thus supporting Turkey's EU membership, I am saddened to see that EU has not taken any lessons from Egypt and Turkey. I am unable to stop myself of asking "quo vadis EU?" after seeing politicians and administrators in EU "praying" a righteous, democratically elected leader gets overthrown in a military coup, as it was done in Egypt and attempted in Turkey.

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